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Ouch - shouldn't have done it

Well, I'm paying for last week's park run. Got achilles tendenosis, not bad, but have been told not to run on it this week at all and to cycle or swim instead to keep my cv fitness going .

Bit annoyed with myself really, but race for life is still 6 weeks away, so I reckon a week or two off running, back to week 7 or maybe some fartlek for a week or two and then a couple of 5ks at the venue.

Physio is a smiling sadist ;) friction massage isn't fun, at least I've got some PMI funds as she said I definitely need some proper sports massage as everything is so tight, once "loosened up" (her words) I should find my stamina imnproves, followed by speed.

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You have my sympathy Janeymiddlewife! Last year, I did a park run...fine, no probs, but I increased my speed at the next one, and I've had knee problems ever since! Curse the park run. My local one was just too competitive so I won't be doing it again ):


I love your username! I really wasn't being competitive, came in last lol! However it was further than I had thought and I should have bowed out at 30 minutes, instead of carrying on for another 15 - ah well, lesson learned. Hope your knee improves!


I have done 3 parkruns so far including todays (25th May) and have been last at all three! however parkruns are not a race you go at your own pace. Some people may be disheartened by coming last every time but I am not bothered as I hope to get faster and when I do I will hopefully not be last. As long as I finish I am happy even if I have to walk for a few seconds sometimes like I did this morning due to a few white wine and sodas last nite!


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