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Pulled up short at 3.1 miles (5K) on my four mile easy run. I was trying to ease back gently after my knee gave me trouble in the evening after my 8+ miles on Sunday afternoon. Sooo disappointed as was really hoping three days off running would have helped, but two miles in it started to twinge in the same place as it was hurting on Sunday evening. Then it really started to hurt as I persisted on at least trying to get to 5K. I hobbled home. The Garmin time reflects the pain in mile two and three.

Am now sitting with ice on it and I think it's going to be at least a week before I dare run again...if not two. It's the most frustrating thing as I need to be keeping my fitness up for the August 10k and now I'm worrying about my Truro Half Marathon! I think the swimming pool might see me back there for a session or two. :(


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Knees! You and Grammadog are suffering. I have found a really useful book called 'Running Well' by Sam Murphy and Sarah Connors. It has a flow chart of he different types of knee pain and suggestions for strengthening muscles etc. Might be worth a look if you don't know why you're getting pain but if it's bad may be doc time?

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O Carole, Carole, ....Carole! We can't BOTH be winged! My knees aren't good enough yet to carry you (lol). There are some really good exercises in this article (they are the same ones my physio gave me when I was running in my previous life)...


Check the "Knee Strengthening Exercises" at the bottom....

Hope you bounce back quickly! It took a full week off to get my knees back to where they were bearing my weight after a run. Good luck!

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CaroleCGraduate in reply to Grammadog1947

Thanks for that Grammadog, will have a big read in a minute - it's a bit quiet in reception today, it is also PERSISTING down with rain outside and we have a leak in the roof here so I am getting dripped on! Cue paper towels and plastic cups spread around the desk trying to soak up the monsoon!


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I read something recently about running through pain, can't remember where but must have been one of the magazines. The gist of it was, if you want to still be running when you're 80 listen to your body now and rest when you need to. Weigh up a lifetime of healthy running against one event. It was very thought provoking.

Hope you recover quickly !

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CaroleCGraduate in reply to sfb350

I know sfb350, I know.

I have prescribed at least one week off, possibly two; that was the cure for the knee pain after the Saltash half; the only one that works, rest and be patient (whilst chomping at the bit and getting REALLY RATTY!)


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Just so sad to hear. But rest up and take as long as you need; it can all wait!

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OH how frustrating! Hope you get over it soon and for good x

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just seen this. carole, take it easy & hope the knee gets a quick recovery.

shelley x

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CaroleCGraduate in reply to shelleymcb

Thanks Shelley, it is the most frustrating thing, especially as I've been getting slightly better times and am feeling the strongest and fastest that I have felt for ages! Now daft things like this just get in the way; still, it could be worse, what if I were a gold medal hope for the Olympics and think how that must feel when an injury occurs just as you think you're about to get a medal for your team and country! Patience, Carole, patience...rest now and I might just get that 10k finished!


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Anoher one with knackered knees here! They have been giving me problems for some time but usually after runs. Went out on Monday and they hurt during the run, especially the right one which now has a really sharp pain at the front when going up and down stairs.

I am seriously wondering if I can carry on running as I am like an old lady hanging onto the bannisters in the morning. What long-term damage am I doing???

Bought some nifty little ice packs today in Lidl - long thin ones that you can fix round your knee with an elastic strap so going to try them. They were only a couple of pounds. I take glucosamine, condroitin, cod liver oil and rosehip but they dont seem to help. On the waiting list for physio.

Hope you are OK soon Carole and that the rest does the trick. Be a good girl :)

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