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W5R2 easier than I thought but soaked by silly hose woman!!

So I set off thinking I'd see how I go as I thought 8 minutes was a bit of a big jump but my breathing just seemed to sort itself out and after the first 8 minutes I'd surprised myself and feeling good 😊

About 2 minutes into my 2nd 8 minute run I came across a woman who had a hose pipe cleaning the pavement, just as I was about to jump over the hose she turned round in fright and soaked me!

I didn't want to give up so carried on running but exceedingly wet.

My next 2 runs should be problem free as I'm away for the weekend so I've booked a hotel with a gym so I can run on a treadmill 😁

Here's to my 20 minute run on Friday πŸƒ

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Silly hose woman indeed! Hasn't she got anything better to do than clean the pavement? Blimey, the day I have time for that, is the day that I turn up my toes. You didn't grab it and soak her back then?! Well done for coping with her ridiculous antics and continuing on. Good prep for the winter weather! Good luck with the 20 mins. You can do it, no probs :)


That's what I thought when I saw her, why clean the pavement?

Actually looking forward to the 20 minute run, although I'll miss my countryside 😁


In a parallel universe there is a forum called H20P

In which a woman on the hose to pavement forum, is complaining about a ninja runner who appeared from nowhere...




😊🀣🀣 every time you make me chuckle...thanks!! πŸ‘πŸ»

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I am sorry.. but this did make me smile:) Well done you.. she turned..saw you.. was so awe struck.. she could not move!

Your hotel sounds great...well done you! Just hope the gym is not near the pool :)x


Precisely ninja runner!

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I need a gym after going to a wedding on the Friday and a barbecue on the Saturday!!


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