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W4R1 Done!


The last few days I was a little anxious about the 5 min runs considering the 3 min ones seemed like a really long time but it was okay. Not easy by any means, but possible.

The last 5 min run was the toughest. I had been running for what seemed like a really long time and I was starting to struggle so I looked at the timer on my phone and it said I still had 2 1/2 min to go! I pushed aside the panicky feeling welling up inside me and dug really deep and did it! I found counting my footsteps really helped the time pass, "one, two, three, one, two, three" etc.

Last week the 3 min runs felt really long but today they seemed very manageable (especially compared to the 5 minutes, lol). I'm hoping next week the 5 min seem easy.


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Great job!! It sounds like you pushed through the last five minutes. I too did my w4r1 yesterday, and just like you during the last five min. I looked at the timer on my ipod and it said 2.5 min. left. All I could say is WTF!! It seemed like I was running forever. Anyways, I slowed down my pace and made it. The counting footsteps seems like a good distraction.

Good luck on your next run:)


This is very encouraging to hear! I am rather dreading the 5 minutes (which I should begin on my next run) because as you say the 3 minutes are hard. A week or two ago 90 seconds was hard too and now that is manageable. I'll remember what you wrote when I try mine on Sunday. Good luck with your runs this week.


Well done pushing through. I did the counting too at the start to get me through the early weeks. Now I sometimes make markers for myself. Like a lampost up ahead then a tree etc well done on your run.


I also find myself counting my footsteps and it does seem to help when i feel like i am struggling. W4R1 tomorrow I know its going to be hard :-( . Good luck everyone xx


I am SO glad you wrote this. I am about to do wk4 tomorrow (Saturday) and I am a bit concerned as, like the comments, find the three minutes hard. I count also but I do it for my breathing as I kind of panic with my breathing. Good luck with the rest of your runs.


Hi Sheabear! I did W4R1 this morning too and it is harder than the 3 minutes, but we already know going up a week is going to challenge us. You did it though, that's all that matters! We are building our stamina at the moment and speed/distance will come in time. Yes, the last 5 min run seemed to go on for ever. I concentrated on stopping my head popping above the hedge, Laura's tip, and that helped me - probably because I run a bit slower when concentrating on my gait.

Don't be afraid of it those of you who are about to do this run. What's the worst that can happen? You may feel you need to do it again tomorrow. You may surprise yourself too and manage it! GOD LUCK ALL OF YOU - and hang in there! It's not meant to be a stroll in the park!


Well done. I did it today too. I didn't think I could do it but I did. If I can do it , anyone can do it. Just four weeks ago I could hardly run for 60 sec and today I ran for 5 minutes, twice !


I concur with the above comments and your original point of the "final struggle" on the last 5 mins. I managed it and thought I was going to die but then this feeling of incredible achievement came over me and all was well. The last of the Week 4 runs I found extremely manageable without any problem at all.

Thanks for posting this thread. It's good to know that we are all pushing through barriers with only better things to come.

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