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W4R1 or is it W3.5

started W4 tonight anf failed.I only manged 3 min followed by 3 min instead of 5. I then did 3 min followed by 3 min again. My calf muscles where aching me. I am not too sure if its related to the fact i went out running at about 7 pm and the last time I ate was at 12.30 pm(bowl of tomato soup).Even if it wasent the cause in my heart i know it wasent a good idea. should i do more stretches beforei start? I am going to remain positive. I have run more than in week three so there is an improvement .I will remain at week 4 until i achieve three consecutive runs up to laura's exacting standards. I am going to have something to eat now!

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Sorry to hear you had a tough run, keep at it though it will pay off in the end


I am also on week 4 and I have to say run 1 was horrible! Stretching throughly before a run and after helps me massively, i get terrible calf pain and get out of breath quickly. I find laura's tips on breathing help; slowly breathing in and out to a count of 4 (say a count of 2 for me! but it stops me panting) Also i slowed my pace right down for my 5 minute run, on the last run I thought I was going to quit but just keep going and trying and slow it right down, that should help.

Well done for not giving up, I feel your pain! I really do! :-)


You shouldn't stretch cold muscles as that can damage them - if you want to stretch at the beginning, do it after the warm up walk. Make you have a good stretch after finishing, as running shortens the calf muscles.

Everyone has the occasional bad run (even professionals!), and it's not always possible to pinpoint a cause, so won't worry about it too much. Just get up and try it again after a rest day. Good luck for next time! :)


remember EVERY RUN'S A WINNER :-)

some are better than others, the main thing is to keep going out there and doing it, it WILL all fall into place, trust me, 5 months ago i couldn't run for a bus, now i run 5k 3 times a week


I'm on my 3rd week of week 4! And still haven't managed a full 5 minutes. Got to 4 1/2 minutes yesterday but then couldn't do more than 90 seconds of the final 5 mins!

Over heating seems to be a big problem for me - even in the rain

I'll stay at week 4 unitl I manage the whole thing - I may be some time :(

I tell myself at least I'm getting some exercise three times a week, which must be doing me some good


thanks for the supportive comments i am taking a rest day today. I forgot to say in my first post that I had cycled 16K the day before the run. I will try again tomorrow and see how i get on . thanks again


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