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W4r1 done!

After the euphoria of finishing week 3 I wasn't quite prepared for how hard today's run was. However I did complete the whole session and an actually feeling great again. It was tough going though. In the first 5 min run I thought I'm never going to do it then suddenly Laura said half way there and I started to feel more optimistic. When she as said 1 min left i knew I'd do it. The second 5 min run started easier but I did have push to finish it. And now it's over I think I actually enjoyed it. Sorry for rambling but as someone who has never stuck to anything I'm using this forum as back up. I've said I'll graduate (never graduated from anything in my life so really really want to) I hope I can keep this enthusiasm.

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Well done Maggie!

Sounds like you really pushed yourself. I myself have just completed week 2, how many runs are there in week 3? Isn't it amazing how this program works?! It slowly eases you into running, bit by bit.

I myself have always hated running (unless it was to a football when I was younger), now mid 20s and I am so unfit... But I am really enjoying this program.

Good luck for the rest of your training!


Hi Maggie, just hang onto that good feeling for the next time you feel it's getting hard. Well done.


Very well done! I'm not known for sticking with things, but I stuck with this and it's brilliant. Trust the plan and just keep doing what Laura says and you'll get there, and definitely keep using the forum. There are so many lovely supportive people on here - I don't think I'd have done it without them. Good luck with your next run :)


Well done Maggie! I did that run yesterday, found it quite a jump from week 3 but stuck it out...just! Best of luck for the rest of the week :)


Well done - that's fantastic. X x


Thanks for the lovely replies. It was 2 x3 mins running and 2 x 5 mins running. I'm calling it running but not sure it is as I am slow but remembered all the tips on here and when I was struggling slowed down a bit more. It did work and helped a lot.


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