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Week 6 Run 1


The running I feel is back on track now after injury, so pleased :-) The run went really well although it was predominantly flat which helps sooooo much! Going to do run 2 on Saturday, which is where the injury happened, but it won't happen again I'm running with my brace on and the ankle doesn't hurt a bit :-) today, after running last night I have no stiffness or anything to even suggest I went out last night. Oh and the breathing it's getting better. Long may everything not hurt and it all get easier :-) still not looking forward to Run 3 though, but I am if nothing else determined :-)

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Ahhhh! You and me both Julie. I restarted post grad, as a rather bigger than life dog ran at me in October and I hurt my right knee badly. 6/12 later I restarted the programme, and I am enjoying it so much more this time round :-). I'm on week 7, run 3 tomorrow. So far, so good! Had some woman send her dogs from the beach onto the prom in front of me yesterday, so I just kept on running right through them (we have a few dog owners that hate runners down here in Poole), and thankfully I didn't hurt myself. Everything will improve. I found the breathing a problem the first time round, but eventually it settled down and now I run without any problems :-).

Good luck and -Keep on Running :-)

Colette x

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