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Week 4 - Run 1 - Complete!

I was not looking forward to this because I had overdone things at the allotment last night and the night before by digging like a navvy for 2 hours at a time, so as you might guess my back was not in a good mood today. I did get an 18ft x 6ft area for planting to show for it though :)

So walking like the tin man I set off on the same route as last week but went a bit further up the beach to allow for the extra running involved. I struggled a little bit on the last 5 min run, but I got through it, despite the attentions of a small gang of kids on bikes, sarcastically cheering me on and generally taking the micky. It was a bit like that scene from Rocky 3 only I was too knacked to out run them, jump over six park benches, sprint up 300 steps and jump about like a loon (and luckily there were no park benches or steps nearby anyway) :) . Laura came to the rescue in the end and it was time for walkies again, so they got bored and did one, bless em.

I had borrowed a sat-nav watch off the missus (she is a running fanatic) and it clocked a total distance of 2.37 miles which equates to about 3.8k, so I am quite pleased with that. The run seemed to cure my back and make my legs hurt instead :D

Not had a stitch yet, but I am sure that won't be far off.

Anyway looking forward to Friday, I usually find the second go a bit easier.


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Oh aren't the youth of the uk great! I had a group of lads 'cheering me on' during w4r1, I found enough breath during a walking session to ask them to join me explaining that I was training for a marathon, had just run 10 miles and had another 10 To do that evening before I would stop! needless to say they were really impressed and declined the offer to run with me lol. Ally x


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