What do you wear?

I've just bought my first 'wicking' t shirt and have bought full length running leggings (ouch, they don't make anyone look good do they?) might swap them for capris though, as they look better, even though I don't really like my legs. Just wondering what every one wears. I've only bought the leggings because I've got an event on sat and need to wear them under trousers (don't ask!)

Up til now I've just worn any old tracky bottoms and cotton t shirt and hoody. Plus my Nike trainers that still look new on the soles! The t shirt used to get v sweaty, but apart from that I never really had a problem. Do you really need all the posh running gear? Or is it just something that helps when you start getting into more speed and distance?


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10 Replies

  • Wicking tops draw away the perspiration from the body so will be much more comfortable for you. I wear 3/4 capris but do have a full length pair for the dead of winter, although I don't find even on the coldest days that my lower legs get cold. I love my Ronhill running cap, it keeps the snow and rain out of my eyes, helps protect the face from flying chips from cars etc. And not very cool I know but on the odd few days when it was really hot last summer I turned it round on long runs and protected the back of my neck with the peak. The other thing I wear is a wrist sweat band (pack of 2 in tennis section of Sports Direct). Saves carrying tissues that just fall to bits once used. MoreMile socks from Amazon and away I go. Ohh forgot underwear from Primark, seamfree pants (3 pairs £4.50) & Sports bra £8.00. All in all not a huge budget for something that is so good for you and most of the time enjoyable :)

  • I have capris and found them much better than full length. I have a variety of wicking t shirts and vests. I like Nike dri fit ones but buy from sports direct so save some pennies ;)

    Def wear sweatbands on your wrist. I can't run in a hat as I don't like the feeling so need to invest in some sunglasses if we ever get a summer.

  • I have a couple of pairs of supermarket 'exercise trousers' and one pair of very snug capris which I've only dared wear outside once! For tops, I have a selection of cheap t-shirts - not wicking ones, as that would mean paying more than £3... And for when it was cold in the winter, a cheap supermarket fleece jacket over the top worked fine. Cheapskate, moi? :o ;)

    Admittedly I'm still not doing more than 40 mins running at most, and that's not very often, but I haven't felt that my clothing isn't good enough so far... :)

  • I wear running leggings and tops that I bought when I used to cycle to work... Found wearing these were so much cooler than normal T-shirts and jeans/cycling trousers.. They are thin enough to keep you cool but not too thin that I freeze before I've even started..

    I also wear a high Viz vest when running on the roads round my village, lots of tight bends!

  • The most important thing for me is any t-shirt with a v-neck. I can't stand anything up around my throat when I'm running. Next most important - proper trainers (new balance ones for me - not expensive compared to some others) and A GOOD SPORTS BRA. As i'm somewhat well endowed in that area (and didn't want to give myself concussion) I went to Bravissimo for mine. Good selection and excellent fitting service.

    Other than that, anything else will do fine - as long as you're comfortable!

  • I did my 'training' in normal t-shirts but quickly found out (week 1) that I can't stand anything flapping round my legs so got rid of the gym trousers and invested in a pair of Capri length gym trousers. Then to celebrate graduating I bought proper running kit. I now have full length tights, Capri length tights, 2 short sleeved t-shirts, a long sleeved 'thermal' one and a thin jacket.

  • I get all my running kit from TKMaxx or MandMDirect, the latter especially has amazing prices and really quick delivery. My bright orange Adidas running shorts = £4.99 :D

  • I actually went and bought a couple of things before I started running as a sort of accountability, kind of "now I've spent the money, I better damn use it!" I wear ankle length running tights, t-shirt and an Adidas drifit hoody which is quite close to the body. We're just coming into winter here in Nz and I like to be warm. I run quite early so no one really sees me either, though it doesn't bother me much anyway!

  • I guess the motto is you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Thanks for everyone's replies. Bought running capris which are better on. Still skin tight though (obviously) I'm not a big lady but still feel mega self conscious in them. Sunglasses have been essential as too much sun gives me a headache. I might invest in a lightweight/waterproof hoody top thing for colder days or rain. I wear quite a heavy one at the mo and I think it's making me too hot. Also second the sports bra (also bravissimo like t'other lady) to stop too much jiggling.

    Also a shout out to my fellow bargain hunters. I only buy stuff from sports direct at least 50% off. Me mum would be proud. :-) (will look at other places mentioned too)

  • Check out sports direct - I got a pair of Adidas capri leggings for £4 instead of £30!!! and they are fab! also the Karrimor gear is pretty decent I have t-shirts (£3), leggings (£8) and the pop socks (£3) are like running on cushions!!

    When I started out I just wore old joggers and a hoody, but started buying new gear once I was addicted to running!! just wear whatever is comfortable to you!

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