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What to wear running in the heat?

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Up til now I have been quite happy in tracksuit bottoms and a baggy cotton T-shirt. But this morning was so hot and humid I nearly boiled to death! Skinny lycra running shorts and crop tops not really an option as I don't what to frighten the horses! Assuming we actually do get a Summer I need some new gear that is not too tight, covers most of my legs, doesn't look too embarrassing and is cooler! BTW I'm only 5ft tall and on the rounded side (size 16ish) Didn't want to make it too easy! All suggestions welcome!

17 Replies
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I am as you put it on the rounded side and I wear cropped joggers but the loose fitting ones. I got them from Next. They have their own sports range. On top I usually wear a vest or t-shirt. I have to say worrying about what I look like is one of the last things I think about when I go out jogging. As long as I'm comfy that's important.

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pingleGraduate in reply to emzylou

Thanks Emzylou. It's more from embarassment at too many wobbly bits on show than vanity believe me! Also I am not a great shopper so all the answers here have been really useful. I have had a look at the Next website like you suggested and there are some really nice cropped joggers that look like they might fit the bill. :-)

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Sainsburys do good wicking running bottoms and tops at unbeatable prices. I have bought one of their t shirts and its performance is good - not as good as the specialist brands but half the price ... They do larger sizes and different lengths. Their double layered sports socks are also good value.

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pingleGraduate in reply to RhonaL

Thanks RhonaL. Lots of people seem to swear by Sainsburys esp the socks. I couldn't find them on the website but there is quite a big one fairly near so I will be able to check them out in person.;-)

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I have started running in shorts and a wicking t-shirt I bought from a Sports Direct shop, they are very reasonably priced. I also got some running socks and an arm thing to put my iPhone in when I was there.

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I can't help it, carrying extra weight and hate showing my arms. Stupid really as a vest top and short sleeves don't make that much difference. Mentally they do. :( I wanted to strangle the goddess that ran past me in leggings and a crop top (sporty ones) those people should be made to run in private or cover up. Jealous.com

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pingleGraduate in reply to jennstron

I know what you mean - for me it's my legs. They haven't seen the light of day for years! Still in the interests of not collapsing from overheating some thing will have to be done! I look forward to the day when I can rush out in teeny shorts and a crop top with confidence! :-)

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laj1987Graduate in reply to jennstron

I know the feeling, a girl zooms past me with her ponytail swishing in a breeze that never seems to reach me as I plod on, red faced and gasping for breath. She is so slender and impossibly glamorous but one day I will be like that ... in my dreams lol!

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If you're worried about running trousers, then perhaps you could wear a pair of running trousers with a pair of looseish shorts on top? That way your bum would be covered, but you'd also get the benefits of the running shorts wicking. Then you could have a simple wicking t-shirt - there's loads of options are sports direct that are fairly cheap (4-8 pound range).

I'm currently wearing cropped joggers myself (from the charity shop- so I haven't a clue what brand they are I'm afraid), but I intend to do the above in a few weeks time when I get a pair of running trousers.

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Agree that Sainsburys cropped sports joggers are great at £8 and wash well. I find them a bit hot in this weather though and wear baggy mens shorts or more recently a nike skapri wiggle.co.uk/nike-ladies-ru...

I am a size 14/16 and the large is fine on me. Wear with a loose wicking top.

Sainsburys double layer sports socks also fab - as RhonaL said.

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Anonymous36Graduate in reply to BTX4

Ive got a skapri in black and i love it! I think sweatshop have them in the sale at the moment.

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pingleGraduate in reply to BTX4

Thanks BTX4. These are really fab! I didn't know such a garment existed and would never have found it on my own. Covers enough of the bum to be decent and manages to look nice too. Amazing! Thanks again :-)

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BTX4Graduate in reply to pingle

You are welcome :)

Also have a look on the next website..someone posted here earlier that they have a good range of exercise clothing, they also sell the skapri. There is a nifty little skirt on there I quite fancy.

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pingleGraduate in reply to BTX4

My Skapri in sky blue arrived this morning from Wiggle - couldn't wait to try it on and it's exactly what I wanted! Thanks again!

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BTX4Graduate in reply to pingle

Great news. That sounds pretty. I have a purple one which is the old style (no pockets in the side) and a black one. Glad you like it :)

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Sainsburys do a long running top that covers my bum :) its pink but not dayglo! The top comes as either a vest or t.shirt, I got the vest style.

Sports direct do karrimor running leggings (3/4 style) in a size 16 and these aren't too tight. They are quite cool to run in as they are relatively thin.

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Ok bit of a weird response to this but I run in a fleece hat and fleece jumper, even on my long runs. For some reason I have got it into my head that running hard and hot will increase my metabolism. I do carry water with me.

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