1 inch around the waist gone after 9 runs!

So, yesterday I completed week 3 run 3. I showered and dressed and realised I could do up the belt around my jeans 1 notch tighter than usual (about an inch)!

Was not expecting this because last week I ate like a pig as I was doing a road trip and did not pay too much attention to healthy meal options along the way....it must purely have been the exercise over the last few weeks....9 runs = 1 inch lost!

Now for week 4, starting tomorrow!

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  • Be careful what you wish for - because you just might get it!!

    I haven't lost that much weight since I started running - BUT I have lost 6 inches around the waist. My problem is that , having lost 6 inches around the waist, I went out and bought a whole lot of clothing to fit my new figure.

    But - NOW - having lost no further weight , I am finding that I can no longer keep my new pants up without pulling my belt in to a point where the pants look "wrong" !!

  • 6 inches at the waist, that is phenomenal !

  • That's great. I'm on week 7 and have really noticed my muscles are toning up especially my bad areas like my backside and thighs - really good news! There's hope for the pear shaped after all.

  • Yeah, go you! You'd better get used to it... I started C25K in February, and I've gone from a 32" waist to 27"... Like Bazza, I'm having problems with my wardrobe. Happily, I'm a charity shop fiend, so it's a win-win situation.

  • I had a 32" waist once -- when I was 19 and in the Military!!! I doubt I will ever see that again!!! But 36" is still better than 42"" ! ")

  • Six inches lost is amazing. Well done!

  • jealous.com

  • Great! What more motivation is needed?

    Like Bazza I've also lost about 6 inches off the waist and need some new trousers. Luckily before I lost the inches I bought some jeans with a smaller waist as an incentive to "lose it"

  • That's really great and a fab motivator to keep going

  • I too have gone up to the next notch on my belt, which feels great. Also lost around 2.5kg in nearly two months since starting C25K... though I am a little sceptical of that figure since I have barely changed my diet at all!

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