5 x 50 -- A great experience

As I said in an earlier blog, it feels slightly odd not to register every run/walk/exercise on the good old Malcymeter.

Anyhow, I am so proud.

I wasn't one of the best 5 x Fiftiers, but I did run 5K on alternate days and walked at least 5K on the others as well as doing exercise - (Laura's strength and flex fyi). And I shall continue along these lines for as long as I live. From now on in, I intend to exercise each and every day!

I just feel so good. And those skinny jeans look better than ever :-)

Thanks team, thanks cheerleader and ad astra to us all :-D


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23 Replies

  • Hi Delia, like your new photo lovely girl. That challenge wasn't about being the best, it was about helping others and you guys showed how it can be done, each and every one of you. I'm very proud to be associated with you all, albeit through this site and not personally. Be very proud girl you earned our respect, one hell of a challenge and one heck of a wonderful result. :)

  • Well put Oldgirl!

  • I agree with Oldgirl - we've all done brilliantly in our own ways! Now to break that awful habit of exercising every day! Lol :) (Already been out and done my 5k speed podcast and dog walk combo!).

  • I'm sure everyone of you will find the next week or two a bit lacking in excitement. You'll all need to go to a Parkrun this Saturday and smash your PB's - just because I'm sure you could after all that exercise. ;)

  • oona, you did fantastic! How much did you raise for charity? Gayle

  • Thanks Gayle! I'm full of admiration for you and your Steve, most of your kms were running and I know I couldn't have kept that up for 50 days! I think I've raised about £400 for Marie Curie Cancer Care and most of that will be used locally which is a big plus! I'm beginning to consider moving up to 10k - would you recommend it? :)

  • Its always nice to do any charity but its special when you know it will be used locally. Well done and I know it will be so appreciated!!!! Thank you for the praise, we started out wanting to run every day, but there was no way our body could do it! We actually did more walking then running. I gotta give a high-five to pastyman, his 50 days running was amazing!!!! A 10K? Why, of course! Go for it!!!

  • Thanks, Gayle! I'm going to have to do some research into finding the right programme - or should I say the gentlest! :) Agree completely re Pastyman!

  • We followed a 7 week plan, keeping our own time with our Garmins. Sue gradually just added time each week...looking back, I think as long as you kinda follow the 10% rule, do what works best for you. Good luck!!!!

  • Thanks :)

  • I agree Gayle, just adding to it gradually really does work... we are proof of that arent we?! ;)

  • Well done Delia; it's great to know that we can exercise every day, and feel good. :)

  • You are almost at a 100 - great work :-)

  • I was really impressed with your running tally, Delia - well up in the over-100 km table!

    It does feel strange having the main challenge over now, doesn't it? But it really was good. :)

  • Blush!

  • You rocked the challenge Delia!!! Its amazing that less then one year ago, this would of been something we would not have taken on. I bet your family is so very proud of you!!!!! It was wonderful having you as a teammate!!!! :-) Gayle

  • The feeling is reciprocal dear Gayle - and what a runner you have become - 10K plus league. I bow to that :-)

  • You're not far behind my dear! You will be a member of the 10K club before you know it!!!! :-)

  • Bet you are rocking those skinny jeans Delia!! ;) You have been amazing and to run every other day is something else! :)

    It's been a real pleasure having you as a team mate and for all your kind words along the way. I miss logging activity too but am looking forward to malcy's new venture!

    A whole new bunch of friends have been made from this challenge and I love that too!

    To infinity and beyond!!

    Sue xoxo

  • I've been asking myself of late where you get your energy from Sue. I think maybe we should all be taking the same :-)

    Thanks Sue xox

  • I wish I knew then I would share with you D! Certainly no special vtamins!! ;)Maybe it's the whole challenge thing and being part of a team... I have always exercised on my own, relying on my own motivation to keep me going but this has shown me how much I have enjoyed being part of a team and channelling that self-motivation to help others too. I think I like a challenge too!! Funny how we can still be surprised to learn things about ourselves after all these years... :)


  • You did amazing, Delia to run 5K every second days and walk at least 5K on the others and other exercise on the other days. It's been such fun seeing everyone's increasing strength and stamina s we've gone through the challenge together. I bet you'll soon be running your first 10 km, then many more! ;-)

  • Gosh Sheila, what encouragement. And from such a super-fit person as your good self.

    All I know is that this malarkey is the best thing I've done for a long time. Thank you :-)

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