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Consolidation knowledge and experience...

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I’ve now graduated and have completed week 1 consolidation. After last weekend away with too much food and drink, I have to say it didn’t feel like my best week but I did it. On Weds I ran 5k in 34 mins, Friday 35 mins and a different route today at 36 mins. I would prefer my time to decrease rather than increase (!!) but today’s run was tough with a lot of uphill running, which nearly killed me 🤪

I’ve yet to listen to the podcasts, stepping stones but just wondering how others around the same stage are getting on?

I plan to run a fairly flat 5k on Tuesday next to the river for a change. See what happens to my time but am just trying to mix up some routes where I can get the distance in and run with my lab off lead.

Here’s hoping for another successful week everyone 😊

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If you read the links in the guide to post C25K running you will see that it is recommended to run 75-80% of your running time at an easy conversational pace, not pushing to beat your pb on every 5k run.

You will not get faster with every 10k run this morning was 10 minutes slower than my pb of two years not expect a constant upward progression in pace, or you will be very disappointed.

Do some slower runs to build stamina and strength and in time you will probably get faster.

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What he said! Pace comes with added endurance and speed work. You have to slow down to speed up! Chasing a PB every run is dangerous for the muscles, expecting one to come without chasing it every run is disappointing. The way I’d do it is to find a date where I want to go for it, and use a race plan over a few weeks to prepare for that date... several of the apps out there will do this for you, some at slight cost.

Keeping enjoying your running is the most important thing by far though... a race plan can make it feel like work.

Today will be my third run of w1 consolidation. Good advice here to keep it steady. I didn’t! Last run I aimed to go faster and run for 20 minutes. I managed 14 minutes and ran 1.5 miles. Today I’m sticking with the 30 minute run and although I’ve done 5k in that time on my last 2 runs of C25k, my aim today is just to enjoy it with no pressure. Well done - your runs sound harder than mine. I’ve not been brave enough to tackle hills! Maybe I will today. Happy running 🙂

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NotanaturalrunnerGraduate in reply to Faith94

It’s all good stuff. I’m just trying to mix up my routes to keep it interesting just like you’ve tried a faster pace. I’d perhaps underestimated just how much uphill running there was in my last run but it’s a good way of seeing just how far we’ve come. I nearly talked myself in to stopping a couple of times but Jo W.’s voice was in my head saying you can do it!

Perhaps I need to start listening to the podcasts too.

Good luck 😊

My comments about my time were ‘tongue in cheek’, I’m not looking to be Usain Bolt or run a marathon. I’m perfectly happy with my distance and time and take all your comments on board. I was just genuinely wondering how others at the same stage were getting on as I think we’re a good support network on here and look forward to us all progressing and cheering one another on.

Next run tomorrow although I’m not sure my riverside run is going to fit in with my plans tomorrow so may leave that one for Thursday instead. So will probably stick to a regular route. I’m pleased the sun is back and the rain and wind has gone......for the time being 😊

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