5x100: all support gratefully received!

Well, I'm still reeling after yesterday! What a day, and what a party!!

Well done team :D What an amazing challenge it turned out to be, and I can't wait until the next one :D

But....as you know, after today I have 8 days to go to make the 100 days, and I hope I don't end up boring everyone but I will blog every day until I finish because I feel the need to share the final days, and I no longer have the 5x50 site or the malcymeter to do so :(

So I'm finishing on Tuesday 28th, and I can't tell you how important it was for me today, to know that I still had some company, and that you hadn't all deserted me!!

So, today, I did a 30 minute swim. Boy oh boy, my right arm muscle ached, (probably the tennis, and then the press ups on the DVD) but otherwise felt surprisingly good!

I would love to know if you're continuing with me, and if so what activity you've done, so please comment below to let me know :)


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45 Replies

  • We are right here cheering you on every day TJ and there is no way you will bore us. You are so brave, well done. We will count down with you :)

  • Thank you, but I don't think I'm brave just slightly mad :O Looking forward to you joining us on the next challenge!

  • Back on the bike this morning, going into work. It was nice to sit down, but my hips are aching somewhat! Just about to jump back on it for the home journey :)

  • Oh wow! I'm not surprised that your hips are aching! Thank you for joining me though :)

  • We will all be cheering you on for your last few days, Looks like there'll be an excuse for another party next Tuesday!

  • It's amazing what you've achieved so far, and we're all cheering you on. Can't wait for the next party. I think we need Annie to organise the next one after the fantastic job she did yesterday.

    It's great to be accompanying you on the last few days of your challenge. I think I might have slumped on the couch this evening, otherwise. I'm just in from work and about to change & get out and do a 5k walk.

  • Yes, another party would be fantastic; didn't Annie do a good job yesterday?!

    I did my swim after work, sometimes doing something after work is a good stress reliever. Hope you enjoy your walk and thank you for your support :)

  • Keep going Theresa! :)

    Well, I was sorry I left the party rather early - missed all that dancing! And I didn't sleep brilliantly either, as my hips were aching a bit!

    But - 8 days to go still, so 2km round trip to Asda and back (carrying shopping - not a full week's worth mind!) and an hour and half's yoga - though half an hour of that was breathing and relaxation, where I kept getting that strange sensation of having just come back from somewhere else (ie - did I just doze off then - oh no, did I snore?!). It was really good - hips feel much more comfortable now, which surprised me, as I'd thought I'd feel worse. :)

    Pre 5x50 days, the Asda trip would have been the shorter version, only about 1km, so there's a positive change. I might even have gone in the car, to be honest. :)

  • That's going some! I bet the yoga was really helpful; I found my swim surprisingly good for stretching. Pre 5x50 days: so long ago now that it is a distant memory!!

    Thank you for keeping on going with me, I do appreciate it :)

  • Hi TJ! I'm just going to keep going as long as I can, maybe not with quite the same intensity as towards the end of the challenge though! I did the 5k+ speed podcast today after I'd walked the dog (she's quite old and doesn't need a long walk!) so covered 5.73k altogether! Good luck - we're all still here cheering you on! :)

  • That's great to do a run today!! I've only been doing one run a week, but enjoying the mixture of activity. Thanks for your good luck wishes; I am pretty tired now, and in need of a rest day!! Not long to go...

  • Shoot! By the time we made it to the party, you all had went night-night! ;-) Count me in to continue on with you your last days! :-) I chose to walk/run the challenge. With that out of the way, I will be doing 30 minutes of some other form of activity daily. My little footsies are tired! :-) Keep going Theresa, your doing fantastic!!!! Gayle

  • Oh no! I didn't stay up 'til the end, just too tired! It was fun though :)

    Thank you for joining me for the rest of my challenge Gayle! I thought you were looking forward to having a nice rest :O Have you thought what other activity you might do? I've really enjoyed swimming, and tennis yesterday was fun, so I'm going to do that again next week.

  • Did your hot run happen, Gayle - did I miss it, or was it just too hot? Di

  • We ran it Di and I just happened to get a PB! I think the 5K in the morning warmed me up or it could of been I was trying to make it back quicker to the finish line before I had heat stroke! :-) Part of the route was along a residential area so a few of the homeowners pulled garden hoses out to the street and provided a light mist of cool water to run through. It was very nice of them and so appreciated!

  • Wow! I am so impressed!

    I love, love, love the idea of people spraying you all with hoses!

  • I'm just catching up with all the posts from the last mad day of the challenge Gayle! Well done on your PB, that is fantastic and in such hot weather too :) The water hoses sound wonderful; I could do with them throughout the summer as I get so hot so quickly!!

    I'm glad it went well though and what a great way to end the challenge! Woo hoo!! Hope you celebrated in style?! ;)


  • Theresa, be assured I will support you to the end of 100 and beyond, because I have to thank you (and all the others) from the bottom of my running shoes, for the support you sent my way as a newbie as you were all entering the 5x50. Your activities have been inspirational and I only hope I can re-find some fitness and join in the next one. Am feeling unnervingly shattered and tired at the moment - which I am ashamed to acknowledge in the light of all the fabulous stories which again fill the forums today :( Life has been hectic. Linda x

  • Linda, sometimes we do go through tired/shattered weeks, but I'm sure that your energy will pick up again once the sun comes out :) It's all a bit dull and grey at the moment, which doesn't help.

    Thank you for your support :) It will be great to have you on board for the next challenge :D

  • Well done, I too am missing logging my activities. Yesterday I finished with Race for Life with 28 colleagues and today I decided to do 2.5K of interval training followed by mowing our very tussocky 2 acres with the tiniest flymo you have ever seen! Good luck for the rest of your challenge.

  • Thank you for your good wishes! I'm doing race for life in June and looking forward to it. I was supposed to mow yesterday, but my arms weren't up to it after the tennis! The grass gets longer and longer as the challenge carries on! I'm logging my activities on Goodrunguide so that I have a full record.

  • I did 45 minutes of yoga for you tonight Theresa. Aiming for a run tomorrow - got to keep it up now. I'm also going to do another race for life in June so that I've got something to work towards. Is it really sad that I'm supposed to be going out on Friday night, but I keep thinking I don't want to drink as I want to do parkrun on Saturday????

  • 45 minutes of yoga sounds perfect. Thank you Tati! Are you going to do a parkrun on Saturday? Good luck if you are x I haven't decided what to do today. I ache all over at the moment, so I'll see what aches later on and try and avoid that bit of my body!

  • We certainly haven't deserted you Theresa! These remaining days are just for you and we are all here by your side helping you along.... :)

    I'm not at work this week (having my bathroom completely re-designed and fitted) so was able to do an hour of Davina and will do some more tomorrow too! Running can wait until later in the week! :O

    Please do keep blogging blogging each day, it's a pleasure to read!

    Sue x

  • Thanks Sue. New bathroom! Sounds good :) I've heard Davina mentioned a fair bit; is it good? Worth me getting?

  • I love Davina! I have all her DVDs and alternate between them but do have my favourites too... I have been doing them for a few years and are the only ones I have ever kept to and not got fed up with. And they really work! :)

    I avoid celeb fitness DVDs like the plague as they are all a one-hit wonder, they never stick to it but Davina really does have it as part of her lifestyle and that inspires me; she is just a normal woman, with body issues but loves to keep fit! Some find her irritating but if you dont mind her then give it a go! Saves a fortune on gym membership too! ;)

  • I'm still here doing my daily 5km (or equivalent) and don't intend to stop. I'm a bit stiff from yesterday so didn't push it too much today and just did a short walk before my Swiss Ball Class.

  • Thanks!! I have to cancel my swiss ball tomorrow :( Doing extra teaching, so I'll have to do something later in the day instead. I hope the stiffness eases for you x

  • Hi Theresa! I did my run to Stepping Stones this morning (Monday) before late turn, slow as my knees were aching from yesterdays biking efforts, so 37mins, 4.41km registered for you, ad the usual 2k car-station-work-station-car and around work walking! :-)

  • Running! That's impressive after all the cycling. Thank you for staying with me x

  • Hi. Sounds like you have a lot of ongoing support!

    My poor old ankles were a bit sore yesterday (and I have some s**t going on at work) so my tally yesterday was only about 3.5km. I'll be going round by St Andrews on my way home this evening tough - the Chariots of Fire run along the sand ... I'll do maybe 3/4k fro the town out alongside the beach, then take off my shoes and run back barefoot, feeling the grains of sand between my toes. This is one of the few sunny days we get up here, so I'l looking forward to it.

    So, TJ, keep up your good work. Not many days left until you hit that century. I'll be with you all the way, cheering you on and running alongside you.

    Oh look - over there - isn't that Annie? She's polishing her pom poms.

  • Silly Malcy you don't polish pom poms you dust them ;)

  • Ah - normally, yes. But these are golden pom poms. A bit like Christmas tree baubles.

    Whew - had to think quickly to get out of that one! :)

  • Running with sand between your toes. Now that sounds like something dreams are made of. Let us know if it lives up to expectations! Hope your ankles don't suffer though, becasue running on sand is pretty hard. Thank you for keeping me company Malcolm :)

  • Well, I had a rest day yesterday - partly 'cos I was told I should and partly 'cos it was one of those days that just didn't go to plan. I hated it !

    I was back in the gym this morning for 30 mins of intervals on the treadmill and 30 mins of strength training (I've missed that during the 5x50) and I'll be at running club later on. I'll stick with it until at least the end of your 100 days :-)

  • Gym and running club in one day: this sounds very hard core. I still haven't worked out what to do, so finishing my lunch, and then decision time.

  • My rest day yesterday ended up being 9k of walking and running. Mostly walking.

    I will be out walking at lunchtime and going somehwere tonight to take in a bit of sun.

  • 9K!!??! Wow. not so much of a rest day then ;) We still have no sun :(

    Thanks for helping me with the last days, I do appreciate it x

  • Today is our alloted 1 day of sun.

    It was pouring with rain when I went out last night.

    It didn't really take any effort to do that 9K. Walk into work, Walk at lunch, walk and run at night.

  • Hi Theresa, bit late posting but super busy at the moment :( I did 2.5 hours walking round a big market with my family yesterday....for the most part in the rain, but it was still good and then S&F W3D2 in the evening. Today I did my usual 5km in the rain. Swimming in the morning :)

  • Walked another 9k today split into 2 halves.

  • I joined you again today, TJFlute, but this time I did a long run. I know, I know... it was crazy to do a long run today after running 15 km on Sunday, but my excuses are: I had a free day; it wasn't raining; I was up and about early to take hubby for a train; I had use of the car: and I know that next week when I start a new seasonal post, that I'll not have the spare time, nor the energy since I'll be cycle commuting.

    So I ran far - well far for me - and I cracked the half-marathon length with a 22km trail run. It was slow, but it was great. No running for me tomorrow. I'll share a few notes on my Wordpress blog when I've sorted some of the photos from today.

  • Fantastic Sheila!! It didnt take you long to join the HM club did it?! :) Brilliant!!


  • wow! Huge congratulations! Well done. I knew you'd do it soon after being unable to on Sunday!

  • No, No No..you;re kidding me!!

    free day..not raining...but even so, you are a marvel :O

    Can't wait to see the photos. You have made made me so happy :D

    Really ??!!??

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