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5x100: two weeks left!


Just two weeks left! Two weeks!! I started out on February 18th. That seems like a long time ago now. I managed to turn a tough week around on Saturday (tough mentally, and tough physically due to sore left knee) with a gorgeous walk in nearby lanes, filled with bluebells (see photo) This truly lifted my spirits. Then on Sunday I did a trail route through woods which were also stacked full to the brim with bluebells as far as the eye can see. I did 6k in under 40 minutes, and was really pleased with that, considering the challenging terrain.

I can see the finish line fast approaching. I am trying to do 11k a day this week to give the team a chance to reach their target. I'm doing this by doing something before work, during luchtime and then after work; i.e. splitting it up throughout the day, and varying the activity, so that my quads and knees can take it.

After Sunday (the final 5x50 day/party) I'm going to do my final 9 days, hopefully joined by Sue (SBG356) who has very kindly offered to keep me company (Thank you x)

When I'm finished I expect I am going to give my legs a couple of days rest, so that I can dance all night at my brothers wedding on Friday 30th!

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Those bluebells do look lovely. 11k a day is pretty tough isn't it?! I've done 7k so far today (5k run, parkrun freedom run with a personal best of 45m 6s, but on tired legs from running 4k yesterday, so I was very pleased with it) and am going to do some yoga/wii fit later on - 5 minutes stretching done so far! Every little counts!

Not sure I'll manage it every day this week, as I seem to have a shin twinge niggling, and I don't want to end up 5x50 with an injury, but I'm going to see what I can manage by doing the same as you, and splitting it up over the day (and probably including some cycling, if it stops raining!)

TJFlute in reply to greenlegs

Yes, I've still got 2k to do tonight. I'll probably do some abs or more treadmill (I do know how to lead an interesting life ;) ) Don't overdo it. You really don't want shin splints, I had them once and it took months to get fully recovered, but good luck for the rest of the week x

greenlegsGraduate in reply to TJFlute

Thanks for the shin comment. The thought of months of recovery does not appeal, so I think my shins will take priority over 5x50. :)


Just beautiful Theresa! 11k a day?! Wow that is going some but I know you are one determined lady and just know you will do it! :D

Now as for the following 9 days.........yes of course I will keep you company and will be more than happy to do so! I'm sure there will be others too that will be happy to help you to keep going for the final leg of your 100 day adventure! Any takers out there??!

You know what that means though? ANOTHER CELEBRATION PARTY!!! Who can refuse you that, you more than deserve it! :D Then another party for you on 30th! Woo hoo! I think you may be well and truly pooped after that..... ;)

Sue x

TJFlute in reply to SBG356

I like a good party, so I'm going to dance and celebrate at all three :D Thanks again Sue for helping me to the end. I think we might be bonkers!! :O

Poppy2010Graduate in reply to SBG356

I'll do my best to keep going with you too! cannot imagine it all being over so will be a reason to do something daily for a bit longer! :-)


I'll be with you for your last nine TJ. "Ain't no stoppin' us now ... We're on the move ... We're in the groove"

SBG356Graduate in reply to Malcy

McFadden & Whitehead....those were the days! Loved that song...

TJFlute in reply to Malcy

After your half marathon??!! That would be a massive compliment. (love the song)

MalcyGraduate in reply to TJFlute

Remember I got the Parkrun Sweatshop voucher from St Andrews in May? I went along today and picked up my nice new shoes - the colour of a yellow marker pen!

I know I shouldn't try to run double my current max distance ... but it'll give me a good chance to break in my new shoes. I'm gonna do it - even if I'll have to walk a lot of the way. Sunday is my twins' 30th birthday so the rest of the day will be relaxing ...

The following Sunday will be my first try at doing the "Twin Peaks" run (east and west Lomonds - that'll be my last longish run before you finish your 100.

See? It's all planned out. Nothing can possibly go wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong

TJFlute in reply to Malcy

Very funny, made me laugh! (which after a night of no sleep due to stormy weather is nothing short of a miracle!) I can see it's all planned; there's no stopping you now.... so I appreciate your company to see me to the finish line.


I meant to say - I'll carry on for another 9 days too (provided my legs hold out). Party party party!

TJFlute in reply to greenlegs

That's fantastic! I'll get more supplies in ;)


Looks like its going to be a big party, with more of us joining in! Well done Theresa, 100 days is fantastic. I hadnt appreciated how hard it was going to be some days just to fit the exercise in, so you're an absolute star for carrying on so long.

I'm aiming for 15k a day until Sunday - I'm determined to get to 500k which is what my original aim was at the beginning. Then I'll cut back to 5k until the second party. Oooh, love these parties!


Oh my goodness, you are one determined - and amazing - lady! Your three parties will be fab :)

TJFlute in reply to Anniemurph

Thank you Annie, and you have an invite to all three as chief cheerleader!


Great pictures and well done for everything you have done :) I will also join you and the others and do your last 9 days...it's difficult to imagine a day without 5x50. I will be on holiday so it will be really easy to do more kms. Your an inspiration to us all :-D

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