Newbie getting 'the Fear' around run two - advice gratefully received!

Hi All, I just completed W2R3 last night and still finding it pretty tough (I chase around after two small boys and kick a football around a bit, but apart from that am pretty unfit). I've signed up to do a 10k run in October with friends, and determined to complete C to 5K and then carry on, but am struggling with doubts that seem to hit me at the second run stage of each run. Having had this for the last 5 runs, I should be ready for them when they come, but I think as I'm concentrating so hard on remembering to breathe/keep going, that it surprises me every time! Any advice on how to combat this? I'm a fairly positive person, but it sort of flashes up in my head 'you can't do this!' and then I start to believe it....until I forget it, when the leg ache kicks in and I start to think about that! 😂. Any advice?....


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  • make up a little mantra to chant to yourself. ideally something that you can mutter in time with your pace. Like the Little Engine that Could. It can be rude, it can be funny, it cn be motivational, whatever you choose. Or Roar like a lion. Anything. It justs takes your mind off the whispering gremlins and distarcts you and then you find you have kept going and the doubts have subdued.

    I used to, whenever I felt I had to stop, first go through a mental checklist of every part of my body to see if it was damaged - not jus aching but actually injured. By the time I hade worked from top to toe I was generally past the doubting moment.

  • Thanks Rignold, that's really helpful. A mantra should also help me to stop thinking so much about what I should be doing, and just do it. Def will roar like a lion though...that sounds fun, and will frighten the cows in the field I run through. Roll on W3R1...

  • Even though you are having these doubts, you are still managing to complete the run. How many times can they be proved wrong and still come back?

    You have shown these doubts each and every time they are wrong.

    They are nothing to you. You will laugh in their face next time they come calling

  • Thanks Whatsapp, I wont let them beat me!

  • If you chase round after two small boys... you will totally do this... :)

    When I taught....I never chased after small boys ( usually when they had been up to mischief) on the school yard,.... You could never,ever, ever, catch them... I had to wait until they were tired!!! So..this running will be an absolute doddle!

    Take it slow..take it steady.. take Rignold's advice and think of other things.. I make up rhymes, songs, poems, stories...look around, and just go with it..:) Squish the pesky mind gremlins with every slow step... you can do this!!!!

  • Thanks Oldfloss, I will! 😊

  • So these doubts...I get them too, critical voices! I guess you can tell them to 'go away' with whatever force or rudery you can manage. You could replace them with a new positive voice as Rignold suggests; any ideas? 😊

  • Thanks Fatnorthernlass. Running again tomorrow eve and have mantras at the ready to tackle those gremlins! Also going to focus on completing each individual run, and not think too far ahead/worry about whether or not I'll eventually be able to run 5K/10K, which is probably part of the problem.

  • How did it go?😊

  • Hi. The next run was really good, thanks. Managed to ignore the doubts and didn't get much leg ache either. Ruined it all, though, by running the very next day, and have ended up with very stiff quads and creaky knees. Learned my lesson. Will not skip a rest day again. Having two days rest before setting out again though. More aches than pain, so hoping no lasting damage and just muscles building that haven't been used for a long time!

    Thanks for asking... 😊

  • Well done! Next post will be 'help me procrastinate'! Hope the knees feel better soon😊

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