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Made a right mess of that - w5 r3

So disappointed :( chose a remote seaside route as it was a bit hot today and thought a cool breeze would help, set off well but was breathless from the start which although is not unusual I just couldn't get it controlled and had to stop at 4 mins as I thought I was going to pass out, recovered fairly quickly and continued after a minute walking, got breathless again straight away with terrible left shoulder pain and a stitch under my right ribs !!!?? Walked for 5 minutes but only managed another 2 mins running before I was struggling again and gave up running and just walked for the rest of the session, on a positive note the route was lovely, the tide was in so I couldnt see the mud, it wasnt too busy and the was a lovely cool breeze,

any tips for my next attempt,( w5r2 went well on Friday).

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Don't worry my week 5 was similar - bad stitch pain and couldn't get my breathing right. I managed to stagger my way through to 20 mins but only because as I was about to stop Laura told me that there was only another 5 minutes left to go.

Don't feel defeated - it's a hard run and i really struggled with it, make sure you drink enough water before your next attempt to try and ward off the stitch pain. My advice would be to go as slow as you can - at some points i was going so slow i was barely running. Give it another go and try and push through, I found this was a real mind over matter run - my body was screaming at me to stop but i just about managed to keep my legs moving.

Good luck with your next run! I'm sure you'll do it!!


Don't feel disappointed you have done so much to get this far. I failed at my first attempt at this run. Next time you try it, have a drink and a banana half hour before you go and take it slowly. you can do it!

Good Luck


Abnormal breathlessness is usually what tells me I'm running faster than I think I am. Try slowing right down and I'm sure you'll crack it next time. Good luck!


Don't get down, we all have horrible runs from time to time. Give it another go but make sure you eat and drink intentionally on your run day. Stay hydrated and that may help with the aches and stitch. Try to loosen up and stretch a bit before running so you are nice and warmed up. As you run, try to relax and breath slowly, sometimes once you get the breathing in order, your pace will follow. Go slow...really will amaze yourself! It truly is a mental challenge, just know every previous run has prepared you for this one. Good luck! Gayle


Thanks for all your advice, I perhaps set off really keenly as I was excited to do this run!!! I'll try tomorrow, slow down and be sure to have a banana and drink before, thanks


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