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W5R3! Well who’da thunk it!


I know it’s a cliche but if someone would have told me I’d be running for 20 mins non-stop 5 weeks ago I just wouldn’t have believed them!

Woke Up at 4:45 & thought “what the hell I might as well get on with it, at least it’ll be cool”

It was lovely, nice and light, sun not yet up, perfect temperature 👍🏻

I’m not saying it was a breeze but it was way easier than I expected. Many Thanks to MJ & all you guys on here that convinced me it could be done 🙏

On to W6! 😬

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Very, very well done you!..take it gently into Week 6... it is different but you are so ready for it:


W5R3 is a nice run, most people are surprised to find they can actually do it. That's when you really believe you can graduate because once you know you can get from 0 to 20 minutes in 5 weeks, going from 20 to 30 in another 4 weeks doesn't seem quite so scary any more :) But Oldfloss is right, the first two runs of week 6 can be a shock if you're not ready for them - people think they'll be easy just because they have walking breaks but what week 5 shows is that you've reached a stage where the walking breaks are no longer make that big a difference. If you take it as seriously as today though you'll be fine. Most folk seem to find the challenge from this point on becomes more mental than physical.

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Thanks to you both for the great advice! I’ll be sure to treat the next week with the respect it deserves 😃👍🏻


Well done... I'm due to do w5r2 tomorrow.... Will take it steady so in ready for the 29 min run w5r3.

It's a big achievement... good luck on going into w6.


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Thanks Sarah! Just keep going when you get to R3, try and switch off, listen to your music focus on a steady manageable pace and you’ll be fine....👍🏻

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