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Bad back has put me on the bench..

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Very frustrated and disappointed...bad back has really flared up...I have degenerative disc disease caused by falling top to bottom down stairs about 25 years ago. Back was fine until I started doing longer runs...I've been told to stop in no uncertain terms by Doc. My serious runner mates say that the very fact I'm bothered, and really want to run again , proves that I am now a proper runner. Me..a lifelong avoider of anything that could be considered exercise !

Doc says running is too high impact for me...I am so pissed off...I had got to the end of week 8 when this started....Doc says it could be because I've been using a treadmill...and a very basic one that doesn't seem to have any cushioning this could be reason...

I'm not giving up....I might have to accept that I'll only do short runs..but once my back feels better I'm going to try a short outdoor run......😏 Let's just see what happens..

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Sorry to hear that. You can get running shoes with lots of cushioning in the soles - might help? Ask at a good running shop. Good luck whatever the outcome.

That’s sad to hear. You know your body, so maybe you can manage shorter runs on a forgiving surface eventually. Hope so.

Just take care. 👍🏻

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I know how you feel. I completed couch to 5k in March and was running 3 times a week but have had to stop due to pain in back which left me unable to get out of bed for 3 days. Will get back to short distance running when it’s eventually recovered

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Sofabunny in reply to Nicciv123

My problems started after I'd started getting up to 25 minutes ..I'm not ready to give up yet no matter what Doc sez! I'd be happy managing 2O mins three times a week....M going to let it settle and then we"please see 😁

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What determination and have done so well. But... ( there's always a but, isn't there ?)

You know what issues you have and your Dr does too... so, you do have to go with expert medical advice... :)

Many treadmills or trainers are considered low or no impact..( I used my trainer after injury because there was no impact)... so maybe the shoes you wear could be the culprits... running outside is great, but different.. and uneven surfaces off road can make running a bit of an unknown quantity with your body problems. Pavement pounding or road running would be much more of an impact. want to run... maybe see a Sports Physio.. who, once you have given him your medical information may be able to offer some ideas to advice?

I really do empathise.. after 3 months on the IC, and after countless cancelled appointments.. the lack of running really gets to you!

Well done you ... keep us posted please?

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Oh no! That’s so frustrating for you. Sounds like a plan is forming though. At some point there can be a sensible conversation with the GP, or a referral to good sports Physio. Obviously you are going to have to run again in your life at some point - even if just to get out of the rain, it’s just about how often, how long for, and on what. If I end up with a reluctant GP I tend to say something like ‘In your professional opinion, would a referral to X help me?’ If they say ‘no’, and it later turns out it would have helped, there could be implications for them. It’s not a nice way to deal with things but simply saying ‘don’t run’ to a runner isn’t acceptable these days, when the NHS are lecturing the public about taking more responsibility for our own health. Hope you are back on your feet soon.

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Gran4zGraduate in reply to Equi-geek


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So sorry to hear that Sofabunny. I hope your pain eases up quickly and you can get back to some form of running. Big hug x

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Really hope you can find a way here. Would you be able to ask / have you asked already, if there are other exercises you can do? I don't know anything about physiology so forgive the ignorant question, but is there any hope - can you ask a physio? - if strengthening your back muscles might help? It's recommended generally to cross-train to support running, strengthen core etc ... would it help for you or could it go the other way and cause more damage? Really hope you can find a pro who can help here.

I have back issues to. I've invested in a BackBaller. I find it helps open up my discs. I also use a Tens machine when I run sometimes as I find the soft pulsing massage quite soothing

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Sorry about your back, and rightfully pissed off, I can empathise with that. Your doctor saying don’t run is not good enough. You deserve more than that. Rest yes, till pain is reduced then why not a proper referral to a physio or better still a sports physio, and possibly an MRI to see the extent of the degenerative disease?

I see a cranio-sacral osteopath regularly to keep my aged body in good nick to be able to run, but I realise being a complementary therapy this isn’t for everyone - and it costs money too.

I really hope things get better really quickly, will be good to hear how you do. I will look out for your postings. 🌻

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