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I'm back! After two weeks and one day!

Hi all,

Finally, FINALLY, I felt that my knee was stable enough to risk the treadmill at my school gym. With my gym buddy there to catch me in case it all went wrong, I did five mins warm up walk, then upped the pace and went for it. I did 3.17 miles in total, and the knee, apart from one slight twinge as I upped the pace, was very good, no pain. I did a pile of stretches, and some mat work, (crunches, etc) afterwards and just generally loosened everything up a bit. Felt so good to have those endorphins racing around my body again.

I'll continue with the quad/hamstring strengthening exercises and try to get out of the door on Wednesday sometime for another 5k'er. I know I need to take it easy and not go mad, or I'll set myself back again.

So happy!


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thats so good to hear Carole.

take it easy ~ I know you, you'll be upping the mileage & training for a marathon before the end of the week :)

take care. shelley x


Welcome back!


Go Carole :)


Yay! :)


Great news Carole.

You sound so relieved :)

Go carefully...




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