Couch to 5K

Post graduation 50 days report

I haven't really blogged for a long time now, though I have been busy doing my regular runs. I realized that using a GPS software with my Android phone will be a good idea. I started out with the Nike+, but I switched to Runkeeper when I had some problems with Nike+. I am now happy with Runkeeper and will probably continue to use it.

Some milestones I managed during the 50 days.

1. I ran close to 100 kms in the 50 day period!

2. Managed my first 5 kms - in fact, I have been running 5kms or more for every run since. I managed a maximum of 5.9 kms so far.

3. Ran the fastest 5kms at 34 mins. No, not yet a 30 min 5k

I need to improve upon the following:

1. The longest I have run so far is only 5.9 kms. I seem to struggle after 5 kms with my breathing. I tried slowing down significantly to try and cover longer distances, but I still seem to struggle with my breathing.

2. Not yet managed a 30 min 5k, but I am willing to wait on this one. My first focus will be to increase my endurance for longer runs.

3. My enthusiasm level is going down :( in the past few runs.

To continue to stay motivated to run, I am planning the following:

1. Change my running route. I have been running the same route all this time. It also happens to be slightly hilly. So I am thinking of changing it to some place which is less hilly, though I may have to drive down to the place.

2. Start the 10k training plan from Runkeeper (Jeff Gaudette)

I need some good suggestions on improving my breathing and endurance. I don't see myself running 10k in the next 2-3 months if I don't improve this. Thanks for your support!

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Not sure about how to improve endurance, other than just running, but maybe you could see if you have a local parkrun, at 34mins you shouldn't be the last one to the finish line so could give you the jolt you've been looking for ;-)


Not many parkruns happening in my part of the world :) There is one in Oct, that I should try and participate in. Thanks.


Have you tried the speed podcast? Instead of endurance it's speed, so will increase your fitness, and it's 'only' 16 minutes so how hard can it be?!?!?! Yeah, sure! But it will increase your fitness and maybe your endurance when you go back to a longer slower run, it may also help with the breathing, if you can keep going during the fast bits then the breathing should be easier when you are running slower again. Mix it up, see how it goes, but the important thing is that you enjoy it.


I am with you. I need to try mixing up different speeds instead of doing a monotonous constant speed run. I am signing up for the 10k run with Runkeeper from next week. I hope that will help me with the structure and much needed enthusiasm to go forward.


I think changing your route AND signing up to the Runkeeper programme will make a big difference to your running speeds.

I am also doing a Runkeeper programme and find that I happily chug along on the runs but it finally sunk in a week ago that on the shorter runs I will get home quicker if I speed up <grin> and as my programme has four runs a week it is time consuming.

I am building little speed sessions in my runs: run as hard as I can for a count of 30 and then back to my chugging along speed for the count of 90.


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