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WK1 R1 complete! i thought i was going to die!

Well after 2 tries and a route re-planned i finally did the first run today! great day to do it too! windy and sunny, my breathing problems while running turned out to be a uphill slope (that i always seemed to get caught on running with) on my route so had to re route in a wider circle around my house which had only one slope! but right at the end which i managed minus 10 seconds off the minute as my breathing was dying!

Surprisingly at the end the app told me i walked faster than i ran (oops!) but it worked out good for me and no leg aches as i did the smart thing and stretched! (which i have a bad habit of not doing) i did half a mile running! out of 2 miles *proud* :D

Im so unfit right now but proud of myself for doing it, let Run2 commence on friday! after ive shaped my shoes as they gave me blisters today rubbing on the sides ¬_¬

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Well done! I've just finished week 3 and I still often walk faster than I run. So long as you keep going even if is slow then you're making progress :)


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