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Hi folks, Just thought I would add my latest achievement. Im afraid I deserted Laura after 3x25 minute runs and concentrated on lengthening my running time. I then started tracking my distance and built on that each run and last saturday when I would have graduated c25k I ran my first 10k! Why? Well Im entered in a 10k run on sunday for charity so kind of had a bit of a time limit. I felt I needed to see what 10k felt like and quite expected to walk for some of it but I just kept going and managed 10k in 1hr 15 mins. Really pleased with myself and feel much better about the run on sunday too.

I have to say that if I can do it then anyone can. For anyone struggling I find a definate goal/event really helps to motivate and Ive raised over £200 for my chosen charity x

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Well done you ... for multiple successes! Just goes to show what can be done with drive and determination! Best of luck with the charity event at the weekend and congratulations for raising all the sponsorship - you can be really proud! Linda :)


Good luck at the weekend. I ran my first 10k race in April and really enjoyed it. Have now signed up for the Cheltenham Half Marathon!!



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