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Back on track!

Unfortunately I've had a 3 week break from C25K following a virus that lasted over 2 weeks and a long weekend away (in my defence I did walk up some Lakeland Fells) ;)

I was a bit nervous (the old doubts crept back in) about picking up where I'd left off (week 8) so I decided to do a couple of zombie runs (must remember to only do these in bright light). Found the longer runs really hard but I really didn't want to go back and redo any C25K weeks. Tonight I decided to do another Zombie run but the iPod wouldn't work properly - there was only one thing for it ................. try the week 8 run from C25K! Could I do it - would my legs and lungs cope? :(

I can't quite believe it but I did it - I completed the run. The 1st 5 minutes were a killer - thought my lungs would explode! I'd decided to take a different route tonight and consequently the 1st part of the run was uphill (quite a significant incline). I'm Yorkshire born and bred so I was determined that no hill was going to beat me!! Well it didn't but my pants nearly did - must sort that little problem out.

So glad that I'm back on track and what's more that I've introduced steeper inclines into the run. It really does go to show that it is a mind game this running lark and that you do retain some fitness. Hope everyone else is having a good week. Only 4 runs to graduation :D

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Well done Helen. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I\'ve been wondering where you were. Sorry to hear about the illness but great that you've managed to restart in week 8. I'm looking forward to your grad blog now.


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