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W8R2 I’m back on track!

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I’m happy to say that after the last 2 runs left me disappointed with myself (both plagued by stitches, and the last run I had to walk half way through for a minutes or so), tonight I feel great!

I’ve also had more rest days between runs due to difficulty scheduling them around work, kids, meals and the HEAT! W8R1 was on Saturday morning at 7.30 and it was still too hot really, so 23 degrees plus shade and a breeze were, relatively speaking- a breeze!

Mentally I like to run early when I can, but I’ve realised that the more recent runs that have gone well, have been in the evening. My body seems to work best after a full day of food and hydration. I only seem to get bad stitches in the morning...

Helpfully, I chose my route carefully this evening and decided to run around the cricket pitch where my son was training. Flat ✔️ Shaded ✔️ Area daughter could see me and wait ✔️

However, on the way, my son informed me that a running club usually runs there on this particular night and time!! 😳 The suitability of this place quickly went downhill! As I started, there were no other runners (I’m a ‘runner’ now!), so I just kept going, looking towards the car park occasionally. Luckily I finished before I spotted a local athlete arrive!

Looking forward to the next run again now. 🙂

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So glad you banished those gremlins- they seem to thrive on the heat! Sounds like you’ve learned a lot from those tricky runs. Well done!

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MeandMamGraduate in reply to BethMay

Thank you. I admire everyone who was able to keep going on the programme recently. Here in the SE it’s been energy-sapping just walking at times!

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BethMay in reply to MeandMam

Punishing isn’t it? Never mind, it’s the UK. It’ll be raining soon 😂

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Well done you! Maybe you’ll be joining the club one day! ❤️

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MeandMamGraduate in reply to Fabulous450

Yep, that’s the plan!

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Very well done you!

Excuse me, you are a local athlete. When you say area daughter could wait is that because she leaves you behind? Is she still running too?

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MeandMamGraduate in reply to BaddieThePirate

Haha! Thanks, but no, I’m not the ‘athlete’. He’s a member of a local athletics club and even runs marathons....

This was my youngest daughter with me. The other is away on residential doing all kinds of sporty activities, so not running at the moment. I’m hoping to get out again with her soon, but may drop back to her week temporarily, as she’s still got her first 20 minute run to complete.

Pleased to see you’ve managed to get back on track, you’ve achieved so much already and now it’s downhill all the way to the podium 😎🏆

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Ha! I love your local athletes avoidance- that would be so me too! 😂

Morning hydration should be fine as long as you have had plenty to drink on rest days as well as run days. The best help I picked up from here about dealing with a stitch is to slow down, take a big breath and breathe out quickly with a vigorous “ha” sound - it works for me. Generally going slower often prevents them altogether. 😀

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MeandMamGraduate in reply to Elfe5

I think it’s also having enough to eat to avoid a gurgling hungry tummy! Usually I would have a banana and a drink beforehand. I did try those stitch tactics- also tried timing the footfall with a strong breath out. I’ll have to try and slow even more...

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