Graduated after 7 months - the longest 9 weeks ever!

I couldnt even run 10 seconds to start with, had to abandon C25K for a while and just build up my running time to 60 seconds. I nearly gave up on so many occasions, got discouraged by various injuries, and didn't think I'd ever make it. But then I got chatting to the lovely volunteers at nonsuch parkrun, who were really friendly and encouraging, so I decided to really go for it, started doing the C25K again, and also did my first parkrun, walked most of it, run when I could, and gradually started to look forward to it.

Well, tonight, I ran my 4th 30 minute run! Me! Who couldn't even walk upstairs without having to stop and catch my breath.

I have a goal now of being able to run the full parkrun distance without having to walk. I'm doing about 3.5k in my 30 minutes at the moment, but I'm over the moon with that, considering where I was back in July.

I read the posts from people just starting out, worried that they cant even do the week 1 runs - that was me too. It took a good few weeks to get beyond week 1 - but the amazing feeling every time you push yourself that little bit further, or run solidly for longer just makes it all worthwhile. And the first time you do a 30 minute run and finish is the best feeling ever.


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23 Replies

  • Congratulations, really well done. There are plenty of inspirational stories on this site but this has got to be up there among the best. keep up the good work and keep running :-)

  • Thank you :) I hit 50 this year, and I intend to hit it running

  • Congratulations!

    It must be an amazing feeling.

    Well done and Happy 50th when it arrives.

  • Hooray! Congratulations and well done for sticking with the programme. It was worth all the effort! Now go get that shiny badge!

  • Well done. You must feel very proud of yourself. Well done on the parkrun too. Everyone says they are very supportive.

  • Oh, well done!! You must be almost flying with pride right now :-)

  • That's an amazing account. Sounds like you had every excuse going to throw in the towel, but the fact that you didn't and can now run for 30 mins is a huge testament to you and the program.

    Congratulations and enjoy!

  • Wow, great work, I really admire your determination and perseverance. Enjoy your running

  • Wonderful story. Well done. As Laura says at W1 'give yourself a clap on the back'. (I was glad she didn't say that on W2 as I was too shattered!). You show us all what sheer determination can achieve, and that it doesn't matter if it takes some of us longer than 9 weeks. Carry on running :)

  • Fantastic! Well done. It's stories like yours that keep me going. Enjoy your post grad runs x

  • WOOPDEDOO - well done on your achievement and your perseverance! Hope you really enjoy your success and feel really proud of yourself. After reading your post I have absolutely no doubt you will achieve your next goal of being able to run the whole park distance but to get from struggling and repeating week 1 (multiple times) to 3.5 k in 30 minutes is amazing. Go You!

  • Well done ! I thought I was pushing it at 5.5 months, but hanging in there for 7 to finish is fantastic ! (Hope you're getting a little kick every time you see your "graduate" badge. I still am !

  • What an amazing achievement! Couch to 5k can be fairly tough for those people who can do all the runs in a week, but to persevere like you have is amazing. Celebrate your success and with the determination you have it won't be long before you can do the whole park run. Well done!

  • Thank you all for your replies! I'm still on a high! And yes, seeing that graduate badge is a real buzz! I had huge encouragement from my husband the whole way through. He had lost 5 stone and gone from no exercise at all to running his first half marathon this coming Saturday, and on days where it would have been so easy to just not go out, he'd come home and say "right, what's today's runs then? Let's go!"

    I don't need him pushing me anymore. Twice a week he'll run with me, once I go it alone, and then we do parkruns (when I'm not chasing round after the kids, which sadly I am this Saturday). Life is good!

  • Congratulations! Wishing you much happy running in the future. Hope you will stick around these forums as your input will be very encouraging for people who find the programme particularly tough.

  • I'll definitely stick around. This is a brilliant forum, and I wish I'd found it near the start of my running - it would have been a great help.

  • Well done you and many congratulations! Very inspirational and motivating post and as Dewines said, will be hugely encouraging for others. You sound like you have an inspirational hubby, and well done to him, too!!

  • Congratulations! As one of those slow starters, it really helps to read this!

  • Well done! It is nearly 18 months since I started on this and I still have not quite reached the end, the closest being wk9 run 2. Now at week 7 (fingers crossed) so will join you soon! Its great to hear that you have managed it, even with a few set backs - Well done

  • But you haven't given up! That's brilliant. I will watch out for the day you graduate - it will be a real celebration.

  • You've done so well to not give up, kept on going and made to the end !CONGRATULATIONS! I'm trying my 1st parkrun tomorrow!

  • Good luck with it - it's a real buzz

  • Great post and many congratulations. If the programme was too easy, it wouldn't make us all feel so good when we finally finish. It's a fantastic achievement to finish and continue running. thanks for sharing.

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