5x50 - the final push!

Come on, team! The final week - you have done so fantastically well so far, I'm sure your final few days will be truly spectacular! You're cruising up to the finish line, so take a moment for your refreshing oranges, and ponder what you're going to do this week. Anything new? more of the same that's got you so far?

You are all marvellous, and I will be out running with you all on the last day! There won't be enough room for all the different pom-poms, fire-crackers, trumpets, somersaults and champagne :)


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58 Replies

  • That's a lovely image, pom-poms, fire-crackers, trumpets etc. So glad I signed up for this because I think I might have let all that hard work I put into C25K go to waste otherwise. Already thinking that next year I will try to do more. Thank you for all your cheering and support :)

  • How amazing that next year you're you're looking to do more! What a result :) You are a superstar!

  • Oooh Annie, what a finale it is looking to be; can't wait for the party!! :) Somersaults eh, from you or us cos I don't think we will have the energy, especially after a few glasses of champers!!!

    More of the same from me but just trying to increase my distances a bit this week for the runs to help us get to that 20,000k target and I think we really can do it and surpass it; we are currently at 16,500 with more to be tracked for today so I think it's in the bag...!

    I don't feel tired but energised from this challenge which is not what I expected but am so happy about! It has also led to lots of friendships being forged which is just brilliant!

    Let the final countdown begin!! We are superb!!! We rock!! And you are the best cheerleader we could ever ask for! Luv ya Annie!

    Sue xx

  • Yep, somersaults, poss vuvuzelas, jazz trumpets, champagne, the lot! 'Cos you all deserve it :)

    Best of luck for this week, and upping the distances (wow, really?). It's amazing that you feel more energised, especially if you think back to the start when it seemed to be quite hard work. And just look at you all now! You are indeed superb, and you do rock! And I just love cheerleading for you all :)

  • Thanks for the oranges and cheers Annie, much appreciated as I sit here damp and sweaty after todays efforts (5.62k run in the rain) :-)

    I can't imagine this being finished and all done; it has certainly pushed me to do things on my rest days from running - yesterday I even braved Jillian Michaels 30 day shred! That brought to life muscles that running does not reach, so will be doing more of that for sure...

    Thank you for your great support; and yay to the team, one last week to go all out and get the totals up! :-)

  • Oh, well done - 5.62k is great! And ouch, 30 day shred :O I've never dared try it but I have heard dire things about it :D

    The thing is, though, you say you can't imagine this being finished - I bet you won't finish, really. I think you'll all carry on in some way. That's the beauty of this, to me - seeing you all go from finding it hard work to just taking is as a regular part of your day now. And that is totally inspiring!

  • Thanks for the oranges, Annie! I have done something different today, though a bit cheating - wii fit! I haven't used it for 380-something days, it told me.

    I had planned to go out and run, but it's raining and windy, and I've just about got my face calmed down at the moment, and really don't want to set it off again, so decided to try and figure out how to get the wiifit to work again. Took ages - first the batteries had all run down, then I had to work out how to turn it all on (I hardly ever watch tv/dvd now, so can't remember how to get all the various zappers to work). Eventually figured out that one of the cables had fallen out... Haven't found the numchuck-thingy, so couldn't do the boxing, but I've done quite a bit of strength stuff (midriff aching again) and got my feet in a right tangle with the step routines, as I am really not very coordinated at all. So - a bit lame in comparison with 5k + runs, but I have done my exercise for today. And it was fun too.

    I am going to do my second parkrun next Saturday - not sure what I'll do for my finale day yet.

    If it's not too windy, I'll do some more running and some bike rides during the week too.

    I'm so glad I've rediscovered yoga - not only for the core strengthening, but also for the relaxation/meditation, which is really doing me good too.

    5x50 has really been good for me, and I have no regrets for having signed up; even though I haven't run as much as others, I have probably run more than I would have if only doing running as I've been able to mix in other things, and haven't got bored with it at all.

    Looking forward to one big party next week! :D

  • I don't think wii fit is cheating at all! Especially with all your shenanigans to get it working - i bet that exercised a few muscles before you even started :D I think it's a good idea not to stress your skin any more, so at least this is a good alternative - plus the yoga, which sounds great.

    And oh, yes - partaaaayyyyy!!!!

  • I do sympathize with your face flare-up - mine is suffering too, I think it's a combination of too much sunshine,rain and gales battering it. Even plain moisturiser burns a bit ! It's improved a bit with Body Shop Face Protector (that I know you dislike!) and keeping a Buff over my face when I cycle but it flares up so suddenly and I feel quite self conscious about it. I'd get a balaclava but that might just look a bit sinister !

  • I've worked out my "half marathon" route for next Sunday. I'll take the train to Aberdour and keep as near to the shoreline of the Forth as I can. Head through Dalgety Bay and skirt round Inverkeithing. I can then get to the north landfall of the Forth Bridge (the railway one). Pause for photo then head to the north landfall of the road bridge (another photo). Over the bridge to the south side, and through South Queensferry To the Hawes Inn (of "Treasure Island" fame and sitting underneath the rail bridge - photo 3). Then quick loop towards the headland and back to Dalmeny station for the train back to Aberdour. 13.5 miles I reckon. What's that - 21/22k? That should bump up our score!

    Now the big question. I know I can't run the equivalent of a half marathon. Can I? But I think I'll give it a shot. See just how far I can get. I've nothing to lose, have I? And it would be good to go out with a bang - even if it's my poor old heart going 'pop' (:->).

  • DON'T DIE, MALCY!!! It sounds like a wonderful route, and I'm looking forward to the pics, but it's okay to walk bits if you have to!

  • I'm sure I'll end up walking more than a few bits .. but I'll give it my best shot.

  • What time are you planning to be in South Queensferry? Is your loop to the headland to Hound Point? I've walked the route through Dalmeny Estate often enough but might think about running it on Sunday.

  • Hi. Looking at MemoryMap, I'd head towards the point but take a right hander about a third of the way (from memory). But I could be persuaded to gonto the point ...

    I don't have an actual time yet but it's my twins' thirtieth birthday on Sunday & their little brother (28) has come back from Australia for it. So I'll be quite early in the morning. Probably an 8 am start from Aberdour could have me on a train at Dalmeny some time after 10? I'd then be home by 11. I'll check out train times and send you a message? It would be great to meet up and put faces to names! Maybe meet at the south side of the FRB and run out together?

  • I've just counted up. 3300km left, 7 days to go, makes 470km/day. Our average has been around 300 a day ...

    We have 41 people who have been active most days. That makes 11.5km per day each.

    I think we'll be close to 20,000 but to be honest, unless the lapsed members join in again, I don't think we'll make it.

    Unless, of course, you want to prove otherwise!

  • That's a lot to ask of the active members of this team. However, this is a stellar team and if anyone can do it, you all can! The total achieved to date is superb, amazing, wonderful and downright brilliant - so whatever you manage to clock up will be fine :)

  • 11.5k each day for the rest of the time...mmm

    I am finishing work at 6.30, home by 7.30am; up at 11 for hospital appt at 12noon; daughter wants to start c25k so I will go with her; then get on the bike. One day sorted. Off work Tues and Weds, will try and run/walk/cycle far enough. Hard day on Thurs as back at work 12 hour earlies (leave home at 0515am, back at 7.45pm - will have to be bike/dvd) Friday 8 hour earlies so can run and bike; Sat and Sun I am late turn so all morning to run/cycle before I leave for work at 1pm.

    I will give it a go!!! :-)

  • Oh my goodness, Poppy, I had to go for a lie down just reading that! All credit to you for managing to fit in anything at all during that week! You're a star :)

  • Can I ask about the malcy meter.

    On the top level it says my current total is 333 which is what my 5x50 page says.

    When I click through to my name it says 339 where my stats are more detailed.

    Has this got something to do with the 5x50 page not count points or fractions into your total?

  • Hi George. Thanks for pointing that out. I think rounding is the most likely answer - if you do a random distance, it should all balance out. I've just looked at your numbers, however, and there are a lot of activities with a 'point 5' (e.g. 5.5, 7.5) which have in each case been rounded up. I could improve the algorithm (round some up, some down), or I could just make the system record the fraction as well as the integer. I'll do this for next year.

  • :thumbsup:

  • Hmm...I'll see what I can do ! I've planned my week so that I'll have averaged 10km a day by the end of the challenge but I'm trying to do the harder work at the beginning of the week (running sessions) and then cycling on Friday/Saturday so that I can hopefully be reasonably rested for my Sunday finale - a 7km off-road race followed by 7 miles cycling home :-) I'll see if I can up it to 11.5km a day for the week :-)

  • Sorry, that should say 7 mile off-road race, not km. I was trying to cover the half-marathon distance but not ready to run it all yet !

  • The 43 days to date have been brilliant. I've used the word "freaky" for just what a difference it has made to the runs I've done.

    I'd said at the outset (folks will know my motivation) that I'm a man on a mission and I had planned to complete all 50 days by running. It started off with Easter holiday so I could get the first 8 runs done at my leisure. I'd always planned to take the last week off to give myself the best chance of finishing all 50 runs.

    I've done 2 10ks during the 43 days ... both kind of by accident. Well I'm going to run 10k tomorrow and see how it goes ... and maybe try for a second on tuesday ... and then who knows ....

  • Fantastic achievement! All the very best with your next few 10ks...! :)

  • Okaaaayyyyyy... After reading swanscot's blog and all the other massive efforts, I decided that wii-fit just didn't cut the mustard, so went out after dinner (I know, not clever) and ran for half an hour. It was good to run again.

    That was 3.1 km (and another km warm-up/cool-down). I was happy with that after a big dinner though!

    While I was running, I suddenly realised why I've run less during 5x50 than I was doing before. Partly to avoid wind-burn on my face, but also, I was a bit taken aback to realise that it's actually because of 5x50...

    If I'm a bit tired (and for me, 5x50 is tiring, rather a lot of the time), in the decision between 40 minutes to do a 30-min run and warm-up/cool-down walks - with 4k credit, or 30 minutes to get 5k credit for yoga etc, it is just too easy to choose the shorter option that gives a 'better' result for the team. Plus there's the 'get-out-the-door' factor - so much easier to start doing a bit of stretching and then turn it into 30 min of yoga, than build up to going outside. I know that's a bit wimpish, but it's honest! Not that the yoga isn't good.

    But I'm actually looking forward to doing more running, and logging it by time spent exercising, rather than distance covered (I use the sparkpeople website where you can do both at the same time).

    If I did cycling every day for this last week, I probably could do 11 km a day, but don't think I could manage it any other way - and I don't think my backside would cope with that sudden increase in cycling too well! Or just over an hour of wii-fit a day - yes, that could be possible! I'll see what I can do - it's only a week, after all! Though how I'd manage the parkrun at the end of it, I'm not so sure.

    All good fun! :D

  • Ha ha - nothing like peer pressure! Well done though - massive kudos for going out after you've eaten!

    Seriously, though, your reasoning makes perfect sense to me. I have recently been running 5ks - but only twice a week. When I was on the massive push to get to the 100th run on the year's anniversary of starting c25k, I ran every other day. My joints started to feel a bit hot and achy, and I was very tired. I have come to the conclusion that I can't run every day - probably because I am still 4 stone overweight and it puts too much stress on everything. I could, however, do my two 5ks per week and 30 minutes of something else for all the other days. I don't think you're being wimpish at all. However, it's good to hear that you're looking forward to more running. Have a great week :)

  • Thanks Annie - I feel validated. :) And will likely do even more activity this week than before!

  • Ooh no - suddenly cycling every day would be torture for your back-side (I know this from recent experience!) I'd originally wanted to run most of the challenge but had to accept that I'd only injure myself/aggravate existing problems if I did so. As it turns out, I think the change of plan (to include more cycling) actually helped me a lot. I believe it pays to be adaptable, rather than stick rigidly to a plan, come what may.

  • I really like the way 5x50 has got me doing lots of different things, and that I don't have to plan ahead, but can just do what fits in each day. I haven't done a lot of cycling (yet!) but I think I'll be doing much more over the summer, now I've got decent tyres on my bike.

  • Thanks for the oranges, Anniemurph. I don't have anything special planned for this week - so far. I'm especially disappointed that with leading a guided walk in my local forest I'll not be able to do a 21 km run on Sunday. I may try to do something special on Saturday when I take my son over to Skye to do his hill race.

  • Oh, that's a shame. I'm sure Skye will be wonderful, but I know you wanted to finish on a real high for the 5x50.

  • Well Annie, I think I'll be trying to do 11k a day to give the team a chance of getting that magic total! (gulp) I had a lousy week last week so I better buck up my ideas and ignore all pain ;) I'm actually feeling sad that it's coming to an end on Sunday, and that I'll be left on my own :( I will still have another 9 days to go, but it will feel very lonely.

  • Oh, careful how you go, Theresa - don't overdo it and cause any injury :O And what's all this about a lousy week? I think that's a bit like using the F-word on this forum - not allowed! I'll still be cheering you on for your last 9 days, and I reckon you need a special trophy for doing this for so long. You rock!

  • Can't have you feeling lonely - I'll join you for the 9 days :-)

  • Sue, are you sure? That would be amazing and it would be great to have some company :)

  • I'll join you as well. It'll be good to carry on.

  • Thank you so much!! I really will appreciate the company, I was not looking forward to losing you all!

  • I might possibly cheat and have a rest on Monday - The weather forecast is for rain all week so I reckon my planned 7 mile off road race on Sunday will be even more of a challenge than I expected. Plus the 7 mile cycle home......I hope you'll forgive me ;-)

  • I think that everyone should have a rest on Monday!!

  • Thanks for your never ending support :) Can't believe we are nearly there!! I'm am also upping the ante a little to get that elusive target....I'm going to run 7km a day, only 2 more than usual, but it's something :-D

  • The support is the easy bit! You are indeed so nearly there, and an extra 2k a day is a great target. i hope you enjoy your last week :)

  • There is no way I can afverage 11k a day till the end. I just don't have the time.

    I will struggle to get 5k done today due to family commitments straight after work, I have mananged tosqueeze in 4.3 walking so far.

    I would love to reach 400K by the end of the week but it does not look likely right now.

  • But you have contributed to this fantastic achievement already, so don't beat yourself up about not being able to do even more! Everyone has done a lot more than they originally thought they might, and the team effort has been superb :) Just look at what you wrote there - I haven't looked at your stats but that you are not far off 400k in 50 days means that you have been doing more than 5k a day on average, which is great!

  • I managed 500k last year, but counted a lot of excercise biking then.

    This year it's beed almost all walking and running.

  • Well today I excelled myself. :) Went out at lunchtime and did a 2.1 km run/walk, another one (3.2 km) after work, before an hour and a half of vigorous yoga (I don't count the relaxation bit - that really does seem like cheating!) and then another short run/walk (1.7 km) when I got home, to tidy up the part kilometers... 4km running, 3km walking and 10km equivalent yoga - so 17km - probably my best so far.

    I'll see whether I've got any energy left tomorrow for another big effort (I think that's the first time I've run on two consecutive days, but by mixing running and walking, and doing it in bits, it was ok. Luckily I'm not pushed for time at the moment, which makes a huge difference. I rather enjoyed myself! :)

    But that doesn't mean others should feel pressure to do more - I just happen to be in a place where it's working for me at the moment, so I might as well go for it, and I didn't do so much earlier on.

    I think I'll need to do a lot tomorrow though, as I have rather over-rewarded myself with food treats. :(

  • Wow - you superstar! I'm so impressed :) I don't think you can over-reward yourself for that amount of effort :D

  • Thanks - on that basis, I've just had another treacle tart! :D

  • That made me laugh ! You're doing great :-)

  • :D :D :D

  • Can't say I am impressed with the weather we are getting this last week.

    Freezing, windy and pouring with rain all the time.

    Oh well, how come so many people still have entries with 0 entered against them.

    Go back and fill in your mileage before the end of the week.

  • It might be worth doing a separate post about this, George, so that everyone sees it. I agree, miserable weather :(

  • It's lovely weather !! I found it so hard to get motivated this evening. I did 7.5km on the treadmill this morning and it was pouring with rain this evening but I was persuaded to go to running club and I'm so glad I did. 7.5km of mud and rain and it felt wonderful - really liberating. I jumped in all the puddles and some of my friends were singing - some golfers we passed even joined in with the song :-) - I'm still buzzing now, almost 2 hours later. I usually feel great after running in rain - the real challenge is getting past the mental barrier to get out there and run.

  • I'm glad someone likes it! I'm sitting here grinning at the thought of you jumping in puddles and the golfers singing :D

  • You know which song it was too, don't you ? (Gene Kelly !)

  • Thought it might be - but is it the right bpm? :D

  • Thanks for the oranges Annie. Well I just want to survive this week. I'd decided at the beginning to do 10k a day, but life got in the way. I realised with 10 days to go that I need to average 15k until Sunday to get to 500k. So far I've managed it tho' I'm exhausted! Had day off work today so did loads and off again on friday so I might just make it.

    The main addition I've made is to walk more, so rather than slump in the evenings I've been going for walks, including wet windy evenings when I'd really rather stay in. Also building up to running 10k which is what I'm most pleased with. Got to over 8k in my run today. I might do an easy 3k run on sunday to celebrate as I'm doing parkrun on saturday.

    Off now to put my feet up & relax!

  • Oh, well done - you're really clocking up the miles! That's a big change, to walk rather than slump in the evenings, and particularly well done for those awful weather evenings :) 8k today was brilliant :) Have fun at parkrun as well - I'm considering doing my first on Saturday, weather permitting! Enjoy your relaxing evening :)

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