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Final run completed!

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I made it! Yesterday evening I completed the final run of week 9. When I started 9 weeks ago I had never run in my life and struggled to see how I would be able to sustain running for 30 minutes, but I did it! I haven't posted on here much, but other people's stories have helped to motivate me along the journey- thank you! My intention is to keep up running 3 times a week, though as my runs have been through fields and woods at around 6pm, I'm going to have to look into some new routes. If you're on this journey, keep going! You can do it! It's worth the effort. I feel so much fitter and healthier, and I'm sleeping better too.

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Very well done, if you can do it then I can.

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FicoolGraduate in reply to Chataholic

You can! It's not easy, but it is achievable, even if you start from never having run before.

I've just completed run 1 - your post is inspiring!!

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FicoolGraduate in reply to AineMaire

Keep going. You can do it! The programme really does work. I can't say there's been any point that it has been easy, but it's pushed me gradually, so that it hasn't been totally beyond me.

Well done Ficool. Feels great doesn't it!!! Time for a bit of celebration followed by consolidating what you have achieved. Brilliant!!

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Well done, it feels amazing to finally complete it doesn’t it? I too doubted I could do it but here I am running 5k x 3 a week and training for my first 10K

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FicoolGraduate in reply to Schofield

Fantastic! I don't plan to try to get to 10k, but I do want to keep up my running.

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Congratulations Ficool on completing C25K with week 9 run 3 and graduating. To get your graduation badge and the word GRADUATE 🎓😊next to your username name go to the October graduate post in the pinned posts on the right side of the healthunlocked C25K home page 🏃😊

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Thank you.

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Many congratulations on your graduation fellow runner.

This guide to post C25K running may be helpful

Keep running, keep smiling.

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am on w8 monday .and like you said never run in my life and look at me now w8 28mins its great and the program realy works cant belive that i have made it this far it just goes to show what you can do if you put your mind to it so to everyone just starting out on the program have a nice journy you will enjoy it and just think in 9 weeks you will be called runners that sound great good luck to you all

Fab achievement graduate. Very well run🥇🎓🎉👏👏👏

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Well done you 🏅🏆🏅I hope to be where you are next week

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Congratulations. I find plotting routes very enjoyable, I always liked maps, there’s a few apps out there that help as you can now run a distance, I use footpath. Enjoy planning and every one of your future runs.

Congratulations! You did it. Super effort x

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I know exactly what you mean! - I graduated a couple of weeks ago, and am still amazed both at my ability to run for 30 mins AND how much I've enjoyed the whole experience. I think the motivation from reading other people's ups and downs on the forum has helped me a lot. I'm determined to make running a part of my life now. Good luck with your next steps and very well done! : )

You rock!!!! I bet it’s the best feeling ever 👍😁

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Congratulations well done to you happy running 😊

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