5x50 cheerleader reporting in for duty :)

Hi everyone, how's it going? Did you have a good week last week? The report on Team NHS C25K is amazing - you should all be so proud of yourselves! Kudos to everyone who helped put the report together, and well done all of you 5x50 challengers :) You are the best team in the whole wide world!

So, what are your challenges this week? By this point I think mine would be just to keep putting one foot in front of the other, but you're all bound to be doing better than that! Come on, share, what are you planning over the next few days?


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  • Got blisters today breaking in new walking shoes, but I have had a good few days.

    I plan to play with my new garmin this week. Only 2 weeks to go to the end.

  • Ooh, a new toy :) Have fun with that - the stats will be great! Sorry to hear you have blisters again but glad to hear you've had a good few days. What will you do after this is over? :)

  • I am going on holiday in Devon soon, which I suspect will involve lots of walking.

    Given that we are into the good weather I will keep walking everyday and running when I can.

    I might start taking Sundays off though.

  • Hmmm... Devon... hills? It's all good though! Enjoy your Sundays off :)

  • Going great!

    sfb350 Hazel had posted an interesting point just earlier about the effect that the 5x50 is having on run times and Personal Bests.

    I'd expected it to get harder and harder to complete but it has been fantastic and really quite unexpected that running every day has become easier.

    One of my brothers competed in the Ironman Australia run earlier today. Last year he finished 4th in his age group (45-49) and this year he pushed on to 3rd finishing the marathon stage in 3:22. I was watching the online tracker of the event live this morning before doing my own run ... I'm so pleased that now, when he runs a marathon, I could keep him company for 5k without slowing him down :-)

    Ooooh! Jaffa cakes today :-) Thanks AnnieMurph

  • How brilliant that running every day has become easier :) So, are you gonna do the Iron Man with your brother next year? That would be pretty fab!

  • This week I plan to do a long cycle as I missed that last week.

    Regards running, I need:

    1) to do intervals training again. I've not done this for weeks as I was concentrating on hill runs

    2) to think about changing my route for my tempo run; I need to find somewhere I can fit in about 50 mins fast-ish running without hills and without muddy farm tracks - both of which slow me down!

    3) Choose a nice off-road route for my long run. I won't have a car this week, but may plan to cycle to a starting point, then run and cycle home!

  • That's a great plan, Swanscot - nicely mixing it up. Hills and muddy farm tracks - yuk to both :D I hope you have a good week.

  • Hi chief cheerleader!

    Today I will be running (about 5k) when someone else gets up to watch grandson as his Mum's in bed after her night shift; tomorrow I have 7 hours officer safety training but will cycle there and go further afterwards.

    Wednesday I am on 12 hour earlies so some walking, maybe a quick bike ride when I get home to make up the distance if I don't brave the work gym depending on what I am doing at work.

    Thursday- change onto 12 hour nights, so a run when I get up - fancy trying a slow, see how far I can go run

    Friday will be a quick bike ride when I get up before 12 hour night shift.

    Saturday - run when I get up, only 8 hour night shift, yay!

    Sunday - bike ride before night shift (last one, then only 3 days off) :-(

    Really enjoying this challenge and definitely plan to keep up doing something every day when it's over, even if we do not work out a new challenge! I need to look up swimming session times at my local pool as haven't swum for ages and could do with different things to do! :-)

  • Yay, running, walking, cycling - it's all good :) It must be difficult fitting everything in when you're on shifts. Well done for working it all out. And how great to hear that you're planning to carry on after the challenge :) Have a great week.

  • I got my 5k down to 38:14 today, the last 5 minutes was all up hill.

    It does make me think if I can lose more weight a sub 30 minutes would be do-able one day.

  • Hey, we're running at about the same speed then! Mine was 37.48 but it was flat :) I'm struggling with the weight too and i think you're right - if I could lose a couple of stone I'd be on for a sub-30 5K. Meanwhile, keep it up - you are doing so well with this challenge :)

  • Pastyman pointed me to myfitnesspal last week and by counting my calories I have lost a bit of weight quite easily this week.

    I went to someones birthday meal at a restaurant last night and was able to not eat any of the chips on my plate having worked the calories beforehand.

    I still ate a massive piece of birthday cake though. I ran that off this morning and i think I will do a short run/walk with Mrs42 tonight.

  • I'm trying to get Myfitnesspal to talk to Endomondo - it says they're linked but I don't see my exercise showing up on MFP so I have to input it manually. Still, it's a helpful tool. Well done for leaving the chips :) and enjoy your walk.

  • Think it will be more walking for me :-( My hips haven't been too bad this week but managed to do something to my knee yesterday. It doesn't feel quite so bad today so going out shortly to hopefully do a 10k walk.

    I suppose it all counts and it beats sitting on the couch ;-)

  • It cetainly does all count, and a 10k walk is going to be great. Sorry to hear about your knee - take it easy, and I hope it settles down soon. You are so not on the couch! :) Have a great week.

  • Thank you for your continued support :D I have day 80 on Wednesday and seem to be getting stronger and stronger. A couple of walks arranged with friends to look forward to next week and I'm going to add some abdominal and back exercises into my routine. I'm still loving the mix of swimming/exercise classes/walks/runs: it's all good :) What a great team!!

  • You are doing so well! 80 days! And it's so good to hear that you're getting stronger and stronger on this mix of training you're doing. Wonderful - enjoy your week :)

  • I honestly can't believe we are day 37 of 50!!! We have continued to fit our runs/walks into our schedule daily. The weather has cooperated the past few days so that has been a wonderful change! Thank you so much Annie for your continued cheering, you have been great motivation! :-) Gayle

  • You're almost into the home straight now! I'm so glad your weather is improving - about time too :D You're very welcome about the cheering. It's the least I can do for all you committed athletes :)

  • Oh Annie, you're fab and as Gayle says, great motivation for us!

    I have caught the swimming bug (the good kind, not some water borne illness) and so will be fitting in some more swims for the rest of the challenge. I turned up yesterday and it was closed (d'oh!), silly bank holiday hours, so will go today after work.

    This week I also need to do a running interval session and get out for some lunchtime walks as the weather is so good. So plenty to do!

  • I was a bit worried there - I'm glad it's enthusiasm for swimming, not poorliness :O Enjoy the intervals and the walks in this wonderful weather. You're doing so well, it's fab to see it :)

  • Thanks Annie! :)

  • Mostly running and walking for me with the odd swim/exercise class. I'm still only running 5k at a time but seem to be getting a teensy bit quicker each time. I think I may be better with distance rather than speed, I might try B210K when this is over. I really thought I'd struggle but it's been easier than I expected :) If only I had a bike then I could get my distances up a bit more but at least I'm averaging 5k per day :D

    Thanks for your cheerleading Annie, it really is a help :D

  • I think 5k is great - none of this 'only', thank you! It's a good idea to have something in mind for when this is over - you don't want a sense of letdown!

    Hope you have a great week :)

  • Go Annie go!!

    This week I'm off work so hoping to fit more runs in than normal but since starting the challenge I have run a further three 10ks, one was a PB and also a 5k PB so regualr exercise and more running is really helping to achieve things I didnt think possible! :)

    I just dont want it to end now!!!

    Sue x

  • I think you're doing amazingly well, Sue :) How fantastic that you're achieving so much. It won't end, I'm sure, because you've been thoroughly bitten by the fitness bug and I bet it will stay with you forever :)

    Have a great week x

  • Spurred on to run on successive days to get the total up!

    Being part of the team is giving me the motivation to get out - that plus the prospect of my first ever 10k for the Race for Life in June.

  • Ah, motivation is a wonderful thing! And how fab that you're signed up for a 10k in June, and for such a good cause :) You're doing so well - keep it up, and have a great week!

  • Hey super cheerleader :) My week will be a bit different as I'm going camping from Wednesday, it's a bank holiday over here on Thursday so taking advantage of it. I did a 21 km walk on Sunday and still feeling it a bit, so yesterday I did S&F and today stepping stones. The next few days will probably be walking and then.......drum role......My first 5km fun run on Saturday AND it will be on TV in Belgium ;) I'm a bit nervous, but I'm looking forward to it. Thanks for all your support Annie and can't wait til you're part of the team next time :-D

  • Ooh, camping! Plenty of options there for more exercise - of sorts :D Wow, a 21k walk is quite something, well done! And you're going to be a TV star - wonderful! Seriously, I hope that goes well for you. I'm sure it will - you have put in so much extra effort, you will do brilliantly I'm sure. Blog to let us know how you get on - we'll all be cheering you on :)

  • I found a One World Run race near me on the 19th May and thought it might be a good way to finish the challenge. However i have only ever run 10k once (last year) so tonight I took myself out to see if I could manage it and did it in 1.13.05. So I'm sitting down now to apply.

    I think my stamina is improving- as usual the beginning is hard but I was quite settled for the second 5k. Really have to try to go even slower at the biginning i think!

    Could not not do it without the motivation and advice from here.

    Thanks Annie

  • That's a great time for your first 10k since last year! I'm so impressed you're applying - go you, we'll all be cheering you on :) I think many people find it quite hard to start off slowly so you might get some advice from this wonderful community if you need it. Have a great week :)

  • My usual mix of runs and walks. It's still a bit chilly up here (:-<) so haven't finished making the transition to outdoors. I started out 5x50 doing an hour's walk at lunchtimes but with the end of session assessments now here. that's been difficult and I've had to rely on fitting little bits in. that said, I also started 5x50 by parking my car a bit away from work and am now doing a mile and a quarter each way - downhill in the morning, uphill to go home ... and I WILL keep doing that until I leave this god forsaken place.

    My son is coming back from Adelaide for a couple of weeks - he gets here at the weekend - and I've been busy redecorating his bedroom. So that's also constrained my time. the up side is that I think he's coming to the Parkrun with me. He's more of a cyclist but it'll be good to do some 'bonding' on the hoof!

    Thanks for your continued cheerleading Annie. I must go and get some replacement pom poms. It's been on my list of things to do .... Nice silver ones, I think. Or maybe I could just put threads onto some Jaffa Cakes and use them as earrings instead.

  • A mix of runs and walks sounds good to me! How nice to have your son back for a couple of weeks, especially to do the Parkrun with you :)

    Look, here are your gold pom-poms from when you lost them the other day. I went back up that wretched hill of yours and found them for you. Now will you please put them on a string through your coat sleeves so you don't lose them again? :D

  • All right mum. While you're at it, can you sew a label with my name on them?

  • ROFL, LOL :D :D :D

  • Done. Remember - 'Ne'er cast a clout before May's oot' so put your vest on before you go out and don't sit on anything cold.

  • Yes mum (sigh, rolls eyes)

  • :D

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