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Graduation run done - YEAH! No longer a Parkrun virgin - YEAH! First injury - BUMMER!

Well what a morning I have had. Poor nights sleep - nerves I think and listening to the rain beating on the velux. The little voice in my head was telling me to wimp out out it was going to be raining and slippy and I was already worried about the 'undulating terrain' of the course. Anyway, I got up and realised I was actually rather excited and I was determined to do this. So off I went having had a bit of a crisis over what to wear - what if it rained, would I be too hot or cold etc etc.

Arrived and lots of people there. I stood like a lemon, then to my horror realised there was someone else I knew there who I know has run for I decided to hide! Needed to do this alone. I did some stretches listened to the intro talk and then we were off. A few people started to run past me (I had placed myself near the back at the start so I would not slow anyone else up) but I was busy imagining Laura's voice telling me to find my own pace and take it steady. Which I did!

The course is a figure of 8 but with the top loop small and the bottom much larger! First loop is flat. No probs there. Then the second loop. Now, I don't know what undulating means to you, but I was not expecting the sudden steep downhill I was faced with. Could not run down it - had to do a funny jumpy shuffle. All I could think though was how on earth I would get backup it! Flat for a bit think a long slow and hard climb back to the top loop. Managed it but breathing like Thomas the tank engine. Astonished to find I am passing people who are having to walk. Laura you have held me in good stead. Top loop ok, past the 3k marker, down the hill again. Imaginary Laura telling me I was ok and I was going to do this. Not looking forward to that nasty climb again. 4k marker past. Thomas really needs more coal and a stop at the water tank (puff puff huffity puff) but I am going to do this!

Then it happened. Sudden sharp pain in ankle... Then pain in calf.....then BIG pain in calf. Think I yelped a bit......then I was walking. Bummer! So disappointed I had to stop running. Knew it was not that bad as I was moving so I was determined to finished. Walked to top of hill then tried to run which HURT. Walking again but then a runner came past me and pointed out the end was so close. You can do it she said - darn it I will! Staggered over line (imagine running to mastermind theme!) but I got over it running. Position number 121. Time - who cares!!!! And the person I knew, I overtook on the hill. What a shock! Mind you I was beaten by a Jack Russell and an old English sheepdog Hee Hee

Been icing and stretching calf since I got home. Think it's a strain and only minor (am hobbling and wincing a bit) but suspect I will be stiff tomorrow. Never the less I have done it. Everyone there was great and I would love to do again one day. If you have every considered a Parkrun please give it a go - it was great. And I am a c25k graduate! Success!!!!! Never thought I would do it.

Hope everyone else park running and in week 9 having a good week too.

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Ouch, sorry to hear about your injury :( Hope it's better soon! Congrats on graduating!


Hey Dellacat! I think you are I were at the same Park Run this morning. Havant - Staunton Park? If not your course is very similar!

I haven't had time to do my blog yet but much of what you write I can relate to. I'll post my results later but I will say this - you came in before me. :) Congratulations and C25K grad to boot.

If I count the ParkRun, I have one more run to go and I'll be a grad too :D


As long as the Jack Russell and Old English Sheepdog never had a barcode, then they don't count ..... :D Congratulations and well done, hope the injury is better soon


Hey Pam yes I was! Fancy that. Wish I had known you were there. It was the Khrissy blog yesterday and your comments that you were going to do it which made me go for it today so a big thanks in order to you. Both soon be graduates but I fear a may need a few days off! Seen the time now and I am astonished. Think the adrenalin must have kicked in. Undulating???? Those hills were a killer! Will look forward to reading your blog. Xx


Congratulations on your graduation :) and at your first Parkrun as well! I hope your calf muscle improves rapidly.


Congratulations! You did it! You are a full fledged graduate! I hope you feel better soon. Relax and enjoy all you've achieved! Gayle


Congratulations! Amazing there were two c25k parkrun newbies at the same run!

Hope your leg doesn't give you too much trouble, and you'll be out running again very soon.



Yes those hills were a killer! And that boggy bit at the back of the park. Apparently it was less muddy today than it often is. Most weeks you can't avoid the puddles, so I'm told!

How is your calf feeling now? Better, I hope.

I can't do next week but I might go the week after. I'll blog if I do. It would be great to run together (although looking at your time I wouldn't want to hold you back ;) )


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