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First Parkrun done!


Yep. I did it. I turned up, ran (jogged?) and didn't stop. No idea of the time but hopefully it's about 34 ish mins. Nice morning for it, not too warm or too breezy but oh I nearly bottled it. Got there, felt like a complete fraud, so many people (apparently it was a quiet day!) and I was starting to feel like just sloping off but then I was grabbed by a cheery Marshall and that was that. It would have been rude to go so I had to carry on! I think I enjoyed it. Will I try again next week? Possibly?Probably? I've only run twice this week and feel better for it so maybe 3 times is too much for me? Any thoughts running guru's?

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Ha ha love your post...😄

Congratulations I think you enjoyed it too...😊

Oh thanks you! I so nearly did one before the start. So many beautiful people - who knew there were so many about?! Just need a six pack and some motivational tattoos and I can go back next week!


The first one is scary, isn't It!! But you did it, so the next one (And there will be a next one) will be so much easier as you know the routines!! Well done 😁


Well done! Sounds like you did very well! why do you feel the need for a six pack and tats? That really is a misconception! There are generally all sorts of people at Parkrun, no need to feel the odd one out! Just do it!😊

This is v inspirational for me. Close to graduation, I am mulling over a parkrun. I used to bump into them when I walked the dog and thought that would NEVER be me. And now I am thinking about it shows how far I've come! Nervous to join

I think if I can do it anyone can, it's taken me 10 years to pluck up courage to take on C25K and venture outdoors and that was really only because the treadmill finally gave up the ghost! Anyway, time just came through at 33:16 and I am so pleased with that!

runswithdogsGraduate in reply to Catherine2255

Do it!!! You'll be great and it's super motivating. Ours ranges from people that walk the whole thing in a little over an hour to speed demons that complete the tough course in 17 minutes.

33 mins for your first Park run, brilliant evidently a mini speedy Gonzalez in the making.... you're used to running 3 times in a week now. Try and continue with that as a starter and see how you feel.... brilliantly done

Twice a week for these longer runs is fine. That 5k is quite a distance and 'trying' to fit three in during one week may take the enjoyment out of it.

Enjoy your running you are doing fab😊


If twice a week works for you that's fine. Of course, even better if you make one of those a Parkrun. Congratulations on what I'm sure is your first of many.

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