No longer a park run virgin!

Finally did a park run, and ran the whole thing! Very chuffed with myself. Haven't got my time yet, but think it was a little over 35 minutes - and I had a technology failure, which meant no music and counting 1-2-3-4 in my head over and over! Who'd have thought when I started this last September, that running would make me feel so proud of myself!

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  • Brilliant. Congratulations on your 1st of many

  • Well done - great that you kept running.

  • Tech failure is the last thing you need when doing something new. Well done for doing it anyway! I guarantee you'll be dissecting that results table when it's published - it's so good to see your name on that list.

  • Get iiiiiiiiiinnnnnnn Mummy Jill! Well done you. Despite the tech breakdown it sounds like you ran a glorious 5K. You SHOULD feel proud. I remember you last September puffing and blowing, smoking 1000 fags a day, swigging from a bottle of Jack Daniels over breakfast......sorry! That was someone else!!!

    GO GIRL!

  • Ha ha ha :-D xxx

  • well done on losing your parkrun cherry as it were :D i kept putting it off until christmas day now i luv em :D will be my 10th next saturday

  • Great congrats on first Parkrun

  • Well done Jill ! Its great innit ? Fab stuff ! :-) xxx

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