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Graduation Run done

Can't believe I did it. Set off this morning for the last run of week 9 with this odd idea of just seeing if I could run 5k. I walked to the top of the lane where I have run for the 9 weeks started the music and just ran. Past where I would be turning for home in the early weeks, past where I turned after getting to the halfway point in the first 20 minute run and past my 15 minute marker for the last two runs. I just kept going until my run keeper told me I had done 2.5k then turned for home. I must have been grinning like a Cheshire Cat for the next 2.5k because I did it. Not fast but 5 k done in 43 minutes ran the whole way and just so proud. When I started C25K my goal was to run a mile, I remember how amazing it felt when I could do that and then 2 miles was accomplished and now 3. No Limits Anymore!

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Fantastic. Great feeling isn't it? It's amazing what we can do with a wee bit of support. I love this programme. Without it I'd be one big sloth.


The support on the site is fantastic keeps you going even through the tough bits. Good to know that others struggled at the same points you did and came through ok


FJK, great stuff! Well done.

Within a month from now my goal is to join you...



Hi hop_along I am sure you will too. I found reading about the last few weeks was way more scary than doing them. Before today's run the longest I had run was for 30 minutes and 2.1 miles managed to add another 13 minutes and another mile on fine without feeling shocking. The programme makes you fitter than you think you are. And I did no exercise before starting this. Good Luck


Congrats on graduation & a great post! Really inspiring and brings back my happy memories from back in March! Now as you say anything is possible! :-)


well done on completion,such an acheivement isn't it. :)


Well done. Now check out your local parkrun (parkrun uk). Certainly has kept me going. Have fun! :o))


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