No longer a Parkrun virgin!!!!

I don't know which I'm more pleased about!!

I've run for the first time with other runners, didn't trip anyone up either - bonus!

I've run Parkrun 5K for the first time too - yippee :P

Won't know the time until later today but it wasn't fast as it was really rather hot for NE Scotland, we are just not used to it up here.

Thanks very much Rose885 & her lovely mum for warm welcome it helped to ease the jitters. I got a lovely big wave from them both as I was approaching the ramp which takes you back up onto the top path for the last 400-500 metres, well in front of the Oldgirl but it didn't matter cos I knew by then that I could finish it.

Its strange you would think at my age that I wouldn't get nervous but I was, I just got it into my head that I might fail, daft cos I know I can run 5K but thats without people watching me.

Will I do it again - Oh hell yeh, why on earth not!! :O

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  • Quite good fun isn't it?

    Well done on having the event. I went this morning as well as it was nice and sunny - it was really busy, over 250 people at my local one.

  • That's fantastic! Sounds like you really enjoyed it :)

    I heard a rumour this week that there is a parkrun coming to a park within walking distance (a nice warm up walk of 40mins) from where I live! The others in Belfast are too far away as I don't drive.

    The more I hear other people on hear going for the more I hope this rumour is true :) My only concern is it will apparently be 9am on a Saturday morning and I often work to midnight Fridays...why so early!

  • I think it's because they want to use the park before it gets busy during the day. Even at 9 am this morning it was really hot so guess that might be another reason in the summer.

  • believe they do it early so that the volunteers can still have a weekend!

  • Well done Oldgirl, perhaps we should aim to get one of those 50 tee shirts now?!

  • Just checked my time which was 34.42, there were two girls in front of me who run with JogScotland and their times were just 1 second faster, damn must try harder next time. My Age Grade was 55.91% which isn't high but when I look at some of the youngsters who were out there is no shame either. I'm feeling quite chuffed with myself now. They are having an extra run next month on Tuesday 5th June to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee, will have to make the effort to go again to that one, well it will be a one off after all.

  • That is brilliant! An excellent time I think!

  • It was great to meet you today, I see the results are up now and I think we did pretty well considering how hot it was! I knew you had nothing to worry about, you beat a fair few youngsters to the finish line :)

  • Fantastic! Well done!

  • Brilliant! Well done!

  • You put us to shame oldgirl and your doing really well with the parkrun and with the 5k time too.

  • Congrats on your first parkrun, and your awesome 5K time! Hopefully I'll be fit to try one in the next few weeks!

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