Still struggling

Agh, this is becoming very demotivating. Today I tried again to complete Week 9 Run 2 but had to stop after 15 minutes. Outdoor running is giving me some real pains in my feet/shins that I never had before on the treadmill. Plus I am struggling since arriving in good old UK with either a chest infection or asthma. Unfortunately I can't get a doctor's appointment because my old surgery has rather rudely bumped me off their patient list, because the last time I went to see them I explained that I didn't live in the UK anymore ... I do have private healthcare cover but as I am trying to get them to approve my surgery at the moment I don't want to complicate/aggravate them with more requests. I need to re-think my strategies as more failed runs are just going to make me want to give up. Either back to the treadmill or try grass next time I think ...


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7 Replies

  • Sorry to hear you are struggling and not well.

    I would rest and not run until your chest is completely recovered.

    Then when you are ready I would start back a few weeks earlier in the program, maybe week 6 or even week 5. Something that you will be more likely to complete.

    If you find it easy then skip a week and try the next one. If you do it this way you will get some confidence boosting that you need and not be downhearted with another possible failure.

    You can do this and there is no rush.

  • I think you might be right. I am so reluctant to stop but I think I should. All being well I am going to have my surgery 22nd July anyway, so I will be out of action for a week at least after that. Maybe I'll try a bit of gentle swimming in the meantime.

  • Sometimes we need to stop and allow our bodies to catch up with our brains! I learned that the hard way when i ran through swollen, painful ankles and ended up barely able to walk. Give your body time, take it gradually and you will adjust x

  • I can only echo the good advice you've already received, Cairokitten. I'm on the Injury Couch, and at first I was so frustrated, but you know it makes sense, if your body tells you that it needs rest. Good luck :)

  • Rest up Cairokitten ! Pounding pavements after running on a treadmill can be quite a shock to your shins and feet - I don't have any experience of this but my daughter had shin splints when she transferred from treadmill to outside running. Really hope you're not suffering from that. Get well soon and wishing you a speedy recovery from your op. Xx

  • All good advice I think. You need to fully recover first then an earlier week in the programme may help with your confidence and motivation and you can see how you are after you recover from operation. Hope you feel well soon☺

  • Yeah, I don't think I have shin splints, but if I had carried on running I think I would have got there. I think I am not suited for outdoor running, sadly. I think I need to stop for a while :( so close to graduation ... good luck to all of you!

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