constipation problem

hi now I have finished 3 weeks 0f C2K5 programme but I am not following the diet chart due to constipation as I am suffering from last four months.Before four months I was staying in hotel and there is no veg food and I am vegetarian so in morning I had oats with milk in break fast and tandoori and panner curry in night for 2 months continuously then is results came constipation.I got the house before two months so I am taking healthy food and also taking medicine last 3 months, really I am fad up because I don t feel fresh and my face is covered by the pimples' don t know what I do that's why I could not follow the diet chart.. I eat full fibre food like brown bred bran flakes,appricots,fig,fruits,milk,vegetable,curry home made chapatti curd,if I do not eat properly all those I will suffer more , I don t know what I do as I want to reduce my weight but I think in this situation I can not do.

Please advise........


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  • try cutting out the carbs (bread, rice, pasta, cereals etc) and rely on carbs from vegetables. Steer clear of too much fruit as there are a lot of sugars in these and sugar gets stored as fat by the insulin in your body

  • Today I am very sad that my weight as same as before, I have completed c2k5 week 3.I really feel bad as I did not eat any chocolate or ice-cream during this period, but today I ate snickers and also one thing is came in my mind that after three weeks there is no effect om my weight ,so I eat the chocolate, please advise me as I don want to this thing come on mind.

    I want to reduce my weight

  • Could your doctor to refer you to a dietician? Mine did it reluctantly and then i got put onto a community evening session, twice a month where we were given a lot of tips and information, plus optional weigh ins. There were people from all sorts of backgrounds, including veggies and everyone supports everyone else.

    It's very hard to keep going if you don't have any support.

  • One sure remedy is to put one dessert spoonful of golden linseed in with your breakfast cereal and then be sure to drink water throughout the day. It does work, gently too!

  • If you've not done so already then you should see your GP, 4 months of constipation should not be ignored. I don't want to sound like the 'Drama Queen' but I ignored months of Constipation which very nearly killed me last year, something I'm still not fully recovered from now 12 months later and all of which could have probably been avoided if I had not been too embarrassed to see my GP about. I'm not for one minute suggesting what you are suffering from is anywhere near as serious but after 4 months you really should seek professional medical advice.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that your Bowel can quickly become dependant on a lot of over the counter type laxatives, like Senna just in case the medicine you mention falls into this category.


  • Thanks ols I feel really nice as u discussed your problem with me, yesterday I went to GP,dr said it will take time because bowel function recovers slowely,so he gave me some medicine and advise me eat more fibre,but really I am sad that I am taking all those medicine last four months I don t know what is happing with me now I am hopeless, can u tell me how you recover from constipation.

  • I eat lots and lots of beans and pulses. It works for me.

  • Puchi, are you drinking plenty? Constipation is often linked to not drinking enough Liquid during the day. Fresh orange juice also helps.

    Also about the diet thing - don't be too rigid. A small treat every 3 days or so is not going to do any harm.

  • Thanks lola for your reply actually I was drinking orange juice but when I saw myfitness site has advised not to drink orange juice if you want reduce your weight. that's why I drop that but now I am thinking as firstly I have to recover from constipation then I will follow the diet chart because in this situation I can not do exercise freely.

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