Hey guys, what are your diets like? Do you calorie count? Diet or just eat what you want within reason? When I done c25k before I got into a position where I ate whatever I wanted within reason, but generally had a good diet, and the weight fell off each week. I never had "diet" food, always had full fat cheese, whole milk, real butter, sugar etc and if I fancied chocolate I had it! I always had my kebab at the weekend with some beers and my dinners were large. I was literally losing weight nearly every week!

What do you guys do?


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13 Replies

  • I've never counted calories, and never will :) General rule of thumb: treat your body like an expensive car. Only the best fuels go in or you'll clog up the filters. I get the basic ingredients and cook them myself, make sure that I eat a varied diet and get my fruit & veg every day, and avoid processed food as well as "low" anything (in my book it's better to eat a little of the "real thing" than any quantity of transmogrified mush with "replacement" sugar/fats). And lastly, allow myself to enjoy food without feeling guilty (we all have our equivalent of your beer & kebabs - mine is wine & cheese in front of the telly). My weight dropped when I started running and gave up alcohol for a year and a half (it appears to pack a fair number of useless calories).

  • Completely agree mfamilias ... :)

    We have a slightly tweaked eating regime, but that is mainly because husband is Type 2 diabetic.. (genetic, not life-style). My weakness is cheese.... I love it. I put a small amount of weight on after staring running, but that was good for me :)

    My Nan always said, "...moderation in all things...", not a bad old adage, she was 99 when she died... :)

  • It's good for the whole family to tweak together (altogether... tweak!) as it can only do us good. I'm a cheese fiend too, and France is the right place to live in that respect :D

    Calculus' granny in Marseille applied the same theory as your Nan, and she lived until she was 102. I never saw her turn her nose up at anything, and never saw her over-indulging either.

  • Wow!

    102 years old.... that is pretty amazing! I would not imagine running then, but I intend trying to run for as long as I am able...:)

    I have a great time in France... as you say, cheese heaven. I have some in the fridge which I bought back... the, sell by dates, were as long as I could get :) I am also eaking out my dry Rose to buy a dry one here, for a reasonable price is nigh impossible!

  • Don't calorie count as I'm not prepared to do it for the rest of my life, and I think any diet you do you've got to be prepared to do it very long term. I do weigh my portions out, however to make sure that a big plate doesn't trick me into a bigger portion. If I find my clothes are getting a little tighter, I might just check my portion sizes slightly. I'm a vegetarian, so find that I tend to get more than I need in terms of fruit and certainly veg. I don't drink much - this has probably been the biggest change, but I'll certainly have a G&T now and then. For me it was moderation in all things. What helped, however, is that I find exercise is an appetite suppressant for me. I'm not hungry until quite some time after a run of gym session. Despite what I've written, however, I do think people have to do what works for them. If counting calories works, then they should do that. I have pretty bad control, so I tend to need to eliminate a whole food group rather than have 'just a little bit'. For instance, its best if I just don't have cakes/biscuits/etc. as one will certainly lead to...more than one.

  • Agree with all of the above - have what you fancy but don't go mad; cook as much as possibe from scratch, get your 5 (or 7 or 10 or whatever the hell it's supposed to be now) a day, avoid 'low-fat' anything like the plague - it's generally full of added sugar (the devil incarnate) to make it taste half-way palatable. I did cut down on alcohol a bit as I've not been sleeping too well and thought that might help (it hasn't) so am back to a glass or two of red when I feel like it.

    What I've really noticed, though, is that the fitter I've got the less I actually want to ingest 'rubbish'. Strange thing, this running lark.

  • I don't takeaways, and a doner kebab would be the last thing I would eat 😊 I don't drink now either 😇 I do like doner but never eat one now, no way 😑

    Fresh cooked meals with lots of fruit and veg. If I have cake it's home made and is usually based on veg or fruit as well, eg courgette or carrot cake, banana raspberry muffins sorta thing

    I think once you embark on trying to be healthier, fitter, stronger you don't want to torpedo your efforts by eating rubbish. A beer at the weekend won't hurt though. You could do a real ale which has more iron in it ☺ I make a runner's malt loaf using a bottle conditioned real ale 👍

  • Runner's malt loaf sounds absolutely delish.

  • I cook all my own food. I have been a serial calorie counter most of my life and am fed up with it but with a thyroid condition and a middle aged woman recently felt like I needed a bit of help so I started No Count weight watchers (online) and it really suits me. I am learning to eat good food to my appetite and still fuel all my runs. For the first time in years my weight is going down and I'm enjoying cooking and eating without thinking about calories all the time.

  • I do calorie count but really thats because ive been eating badly for so long i really have no idea what a reasonable portion is and need to retrain myself. Im not cutting out anything, its more portion control than anything else.

  • WW No Count is good. Sensible stuff ☺

  • The malt loaf is lush but is a bread rather than a cake like soreen. It gets better for keeping. The beery flavour gets better about the 7th day, if you can resist it for that long😋

  • Cutting out alcohol and avoiding junk food especially added sugar has worked for me without calorie counting. Plus not wanting to undo all the good work exercising. I've read that running can suppress the appetite, which I can believe as I never get that hungry after a run. I

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