I am a 64 year old female newbie


I have been doing the couch to 5k on the treadmill at the gym. I had never run on the treadmill until the last few months. I got up to week 8 but then was ill and missed a month so started back at week 1. Now onto week 3 next week joined you all for a little back up. How did everyone else get started on that first run.

I would love to try it outside but being 13st 8ib and busty I am dubious.

I just don`t know where to go , with the winter coming and I am doing it on my own I feel awkward and uneasy . I tried going round the block but had to stop so many time crossing street roads or if someone is walking towards me.


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  • Hello and well done for getting started again. I'm 63 and did my graduation run a couple of weeks ago. I have great admiration for anybody who manages to persist with it on a treadmill - it sounds so boring to me (though that comment is made out of total ignorance as I've never been on one). I do sympathise with feeling dubious about outside though - the first few weeks I did feel quite embarrassed, especially as I am very slow, but a combination of listening to Laura on the podcast and reading what people on here say (especially about how slow is fine) helped me feel more confident. If you've already got to week 8 once you're likely to reach that stage much quicker than I did.

    As far as running outside goes, I really enjoy working out routes. If there are a lot of roads to cross near you, could you walk a bit further before starting to run? Are there any parks you could run round? Have a look at you local map and see what footpaths you can find. We're heading towards the time of year when it gets muddy so I'm likely to have to reduce the time spent in my favourite orchards, but I've made a note of where there are relatively good paths. There's nothing wrong with walking round a route first to check it out. If you don't have a paper copy of your local map streetmap, either 1:50,000 or 1:25,000 are great for route planning because they show the footpaths clearly. Outside is fun!

  • Try to forget other people. You, at 64 ,are off the couch and running. Easy said I know, but take a big breath and do it.

    I started c26K last year and graduated just before Christmas. I was 65. A geriatric snail moved faster than me.

    I christened myself, the Grey Snail... I was old and I just crept along.., but, I followed the programme, bought the funkiest leggings I could find and just kept on running.

    Listen to the advice, plan your routes; are you able to run in the day, where there are folk about... believe me, they won't give you a glance, all too busy rushing around or heading home to the couch!

    Just focus on the run... outside is great.. and so much to see as you tootle along.

    We are all here for you, all ages, all shapes and all sizes. On the same journey, and having passed many of the same obstacles.

    Me, I am 66 now and still run three times a week and have, just, found my way to achieving 10 K. I think I am awesome...like you are, like we all are.:)

    Give it a go... choose a dry day and have a try... :)

    "Confidence is the best outfit. Wear it, rock it and own it! "

  • Love the idea of funky leggings - I've been buying black and wearing neon tops with them but I think the next leggings should be OTT now you come to mention it

  • Most certainly... I have too many pairs now... oh dear. But, my favourite are ones with one purple leg and one black with purple flashes.. although my Tigger type capri runners are pretty cool too. All got at sale prices ! :)

    Go for it... :)

  • The BEST thing you could do - RIGHT NOW-- is to sign up with parkrun. Then you can go every Saturday to your local parkrun and you will see all kinds - old,young, big, small, etc - running and walking. Do W1D1 at parkrun and then the next two runs of the week outside - and continue on to W2D1 at the next parkrun on the next week. .

  • Well I have my Parkrun code. But don't know if I will ever use it. May go to one for a look see what happens. If I ended up walking , how long would that take , only ask because it says that you have to tell them if you will be longer than 50 minutes.

  • Hmm - I have never seen any reference to anything about 50 minutes - our local tailrunner almost always finishes around 1 hour.

  • Lynda, why don't you check out Parkrun near your area? Do week 1 and 2 and the rest or wherever you are at, then walk the rest happily.

    I mean 5k is only 2.5 each way, and then take away the last 500 metres because you can see the finish line anyway so it is not that far after all.

    Walk it one week with the tail runner, then do the program the week after...

  • Thanks for the push from you and Bazza , I now have my patkrun bar code. Hope if I get there I will actually do it

  • Good on you. Please make the effort. Next step find out where your nearest Parkrun is, or your nicest one or your easier to get to. Then maybe have a look to get an idea, then THIS SATURDAY, drive there, wearing your running shoes (as you belong) even if you don't run, maybe hang around and chat to some people there...........

    I used to be a bit scared before going there, because of my age and my lack of fitness, so once I found out where it was and what time, I went there when they finished and just walk the five K with husband and dog. The markers where still there so I knew where to turn around. I just wanted to get an idea what 5k was really about.

    Walking the path gave me the confidence that I could do it. When I went for a run with them the first time, I started at the back and followed some walker/runners who were much younger than me and I did it! So DO IT 😍😍😍

  • Just noticed Bazza had the same suggestion so there you go, Parkrun is your next port of call. Jump on the net, join (it is free), print your barcode and go and have fun

  • You can easily do c25k as part of Parkrun. Just the place ☺ Don't worry about folk coming towards you just jog on by

    I was self conscious so, I took myself to a local country park

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