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Week 2 Completed!

Last time I wrote here I said, that I think that I have to repeat week Nr. 1 because I was sure that I can not do week 2 directly after week 1. But I could do it!

At monday was my first run in week 2 and it went great.

Wendsday was my second run and it went horrible. The day before I had stomage problems and wile I run I felt so sick. But I completed the the run.

Today I did my third run and it went great.

So I am excited for week 3. But I am also afraid.

I will see at Monday when I start weeek 2

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Well done :) I was worried about week 3 but I did my first run on wednesday and it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be. Go for it!


Well done. Trust the program...Laura will get you there.


I was afraid of a lot of the runs. But I did them all, and the fear was worse than running them! :)


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