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Week 7, run 1 - That's better!

Second attempt at 25 minutes - kept it steady and nailed it.......actually did 26.08 mins (just so I could say I completed 4k).

Now to consolidate that time and distance and even improve upon the pace a little over the rest of the runs this week.

It was a chilly and windy evening, which was a double edged sword in that it cooled me down but made parts of the circuit quite tough with the wind directly in my face.

Most importantly I finished with a big smile on my face because now I know that 25 minutes/4k is not a problem, and 5k is only around the corner!

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Very well done. I am sure you must feel that 5k is just touching distance. Struggled to fit my runs in this week - too much on. So have week 6 R2 and 3 to do - wanted to fit them in by sunday - we shall see.

Happy running in week 7 :-)


I know what you mean about time. I have had to have an extra day's break on 2 occasions now due to being too busy, and I shall be rushing home from Gloucestershire fairly late tomorrow in order to get a run in before it gets too dark!

But if we are taking this seriously, it has to be done! And we will reap the benefits as we get fitter.

Good luck getting your runs in by Sunday.


yep yep- meetings finished early - so going out right now!


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