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Wk 5 r1 - & I'm committed now!!!

We just did run 1 of week 5 and I feel especially proud! The wind was blowing from all directions (even though we were running in a circle we seemed to always be running into the wind!) then rain was falling in that fine misty stuff, and I had blisters from my work shoes (thanks to all who suggested the blister plasters). However, we still went out and did the run. It would have been easy to not go, but we'd actually been looking forward to getting another one under our belts. Shins a bit achey again though so on Saturday , after I've gone to do a voluntary thing at work, we're off to a sports shop in warwick that does so the gait analysis. I don't want to have to stop now (even though I can't imagine how I'm going to do run 3 - still ill trust in Laura!)

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Well done! I did W5 R3 on Monday, and it really is doable! Just stay focussed and you'll be there in no timr.


Ooooooo! That's the same shop where I bought my running shoes! (Which I don't often wear! Naughty me - but I've found my everyday shoes are more comfortable!) Very friendly shop. :)


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