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WK 4 R1

OMG I ran for a total of 16minutes, I don't think I have ever ran that ever!

I hated every minute of it but felt very proud of myself once I'd completed it though.

I still can't see myself running the 30mins but then 4 weeks ago I didn't think I could for 5mins and I have :)

I have a question:

I feel my face get really warm while running and when I looked in the mirror my face was bright red! it did go down but it did take a while.

Does anyone else go bright red while running? is this something to worry about?

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Well done well done well done!! Yes like a giant strawberry! No it's not a problem....unless you are allergic to strawberries lol ;)


Ditto well done, be proud! Having a red face is worth being fitter for! I'm doing wk4 run1 later today. Must say I am a tad nervous- more so than the job interview I'm just off to! I can't imagine keeping going for 5 mins, though I thought that about 3 and found it wasn't so bad. Wish me luck!


Remember to pace yourself. I had to slow down from how fast I was previously running to complete both 5mins runs. I'll just sort out the speed thing later.

Good luck with your run and your interview :)


Thanks again for your encouragement. I got the job and did the run - I think I'm more chuffed about completing the run though!


Well done, its so exciting isn't it! I just did run 2 of week 4 today and found it a tiny bit easier, but like you I had to slow down from my previous runs in week 3. Be proud of yourself you earned it. :-) Good luck with your nest run


Congratulations - your excitement about this wonderful programme is lovely! :)

Lots of people comment on bright red faces, so I wouldn't worry, but it just might suggest that you could slow down even more.

I go very slowly, partly because I was very unfit to start with (and oldish) but also because whenever I've done any sports in the past (fairly rare events!) what has made me give up is getting overheated, because it sets my skin off into an eczema flare-up. So I've done the whole thing very slowly, and I haven't had trouble with the red face thing. If everything else is fine (not too out of breath, legs ok etc) you can just ignore it and keep going at the pace that works for you.

Not sure how I'll get on as the weather warms up!


Hi, well done on your run, feels great after doesn't it! It will get do it feels good during teh runs sometimes too! Not always, but when it does the world is good!!!

On red faces... I am usually somewhere between beetroot and radish by the time I finish; and my daughter has commented on how I am not going as red now and it goes down quicker, so I must be getting fitter! I am proud of the efforts I am making now, and even ran before work last week then sat in class on a course red faced for the first 30 minutes, but I can guarentee I was the only one who made an effort and didn't eat cakes/baguettes/paninis from the cafe!!!



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