Wk 5 R1

I just did Wk5 R1 .................not too bad at all (although I have to say I took it pretty slowly.) It was a beautiful cold and frosty morning , with a lovely mist hanging over the flooded fields. I got back from the run and was about to have a quick listen to Run 2 ........and i don't seem to have downloaded it !! I only have 1 run for week 5 on my phone, hope it's easy to download R2 and 3.

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  • Well done! I did w3r1 yesterday, then stupidly took a peek at the following weeks. I couldn't believe my eyes when it said w5r3 is a 20 minute non-stop run. That is only 2 weeks away for me, and just seems like a huge leap from the preceding week! I am a little scared now, as I thought I was going great guns. I await your further posts re this week with interest, particularly r3. Best of luck, and keep blogging, Louise.

  • Don't worry about it. You'll manage it when you've completed Weeks 3, 4 and 5 run1 & 2.

  • to be honest rfawag, I was like that when I looked at week 3 in advance ............and look at me now , 3 lots of 5 mins ...........so pleased with myself, I know that I couldn't do it without Laura looking over my shoulder. I am quite lazy and know that I would stop if I was 'on my own'

    I will let you know about W5 R3 when i get there (If I can download it )

  • Sounds like you had some good views to keep you occupied, well done!

  • Yeah Leyther1 The views are beautiful, but at the moment a lot of it is flooded :-0 The downside of living in a village is that we don't have many footpaths , which is fine in the light evenings, but toooooooooooo dangerous this time of year :-)

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