WK 9 , R1

Running's done it again - I feel fantastic.

This was going to be a whinge post (Poppypug says you can do that here). So all the way around I was comprising my post, but now ofcourse I feel zinging, exhilarated and great so there's no point.

What a waste of artistic composing, I was going to say something like

This was the first time I ran on my own without my son, I had to leave the house all on my own (but at the end of the run there was no argument about the shower)

The wind was so strong I could hardly breathe let alone run (it pushed me home on my return run)

I pushed the wrong button on my ipod and ended up listening to a random selection of music which included 6 tracks of Gregorian Chant which wasn't very stimulating - that got a bit tiresome by the end (but it kept me calm when the going got tough)

I was so busy being annoyed that I forgot to check if the daffodils I pass had come into flower yet (I was so envigorated on the way back I did I little extension to check - they aren't out yet) I've seen snowdrops and primroses come out over the past 8 weeks and witnessed Spring arrive.

The sun was shining so much it cast a shadow of my profile on the bank opposite - good grief, what a shock - there was a little old crooked lady running alongside me (what the heck, she could have been still lying in bed)

My ipod battery said it was low so I wouldn't know how long I'd run (it didn't run out and I ran to the next tree after wk 8 - 31 mins)

Good luck all you runners - I'm sure you all feel as good as me after your successes and achievements. 2 more runs to go for me. This is still unbelievable.


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  • Brilliant post! Well done. Nearly there now ...

  • I love that post, Buffy. Well done to you. Can't imagine Gregorian chant has quite the beat you might need, but keeping calm is a useful skill too I'm finding! Glad you're feeling so good too. Two to go! Right, I must get off this forum, I've got so much work to do and keep sneaking on here for a bit of a look... Enjoy the rest of your day.

  • Thanks Gludwig - I was thinking of giving up this forum up for Lent, but then realised it was too late and I wouldn't be able to anyway.

  • Fab post, Buffy. You can feel like the end of the world is nigh during your run and then like you're on top of the world at the end of it! Funny this running malarkey! Two more to go...

  • Thanks Parky-Park - yes, 2 more then we'll be there! Did I see you've signed up for a parkrun?

  • I think I'll let the weather warm up a bit first so that the lovely volunteers aren't waiting around in the cold for me to finish!!

  • No, that'll be me - but the way I look at is, (a) we can only improve if you're terrible to start with and (b) it make everyone else feel good if they're not last!

  • One more, then the big one to graduate. The end is in sight, and it's all downhill :)

  • Funny you should say that - there's a slight incline on my route and I remember being terrified about the thought of it and then feeling I was going backwards up it as I was going so slowly - now I'm up the top and don't even realise I'm there. I definitely have improved so much. Thanks - looking forward to seeing your Grad badge - don't forget it!

  • Hey Buffy , My best Girl ! Yeee - ahh , wow look at you !

    You've joined the Exclusive Week 9 Run 1 club , oh its very posh here y'know ! We drink tea out of china cups and say " Yah, absolutely " :-)

    Well done Buffers, mi' old fruit , you are doing F-A - B , keep going ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppypug - I feel so great too. Good luck to you for tonight.

    What about the sawdust on the floor I'm used to - has anyone swept that up?

  • Thanks Buffy , I am hoping for a positive result, eyes and fingers crossed :-)

    Ah , about the sawdust, that's my job , but Im on half day today , sorry :-D xxx

  • Running eh? Makes you feel great when all you want to do is whinge! Great post it's lovely watching Spring arrive isn't it? Not long now....

  • Yep, love the spring - and full of optimism this year.

  • Well done Buffy, you are nearly there. Great post, sounds like you are going well.

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