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Dog walk straight after run

Hi all,

I've just started week 5.

I do my run first thing in the morning, about 5.45am.

For the past few runs, as I come back to the house the dog is waiting for me in the hall, with her lead.

I can take a hint and since I've not felt utterly knackered I've been taking her straight out. We walk quite briskly but the morning walk is only about 40-45 mins.

I'm counting that as my cool down and must admit, not really bothering with stretches after my run.

Can I get away with this, or should I be stretching once I return from the dog walk? REALLY want to avoid the risk of injury.

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I always stretch after a run- I think I read somewhere that you've got up to 2 hours but I try to do it as soon as possible. It only takes a couple of minutes, could your dog wait when you get back from your run? Alternatively could you take your dog with you when you run and then take her for a walk later on in the day?


Don't leave out anything! Do your cool down after your run, then your stretches, then return home for your dog out. As Casvs said, could you not take the dog on her/his lead when you run, and walk later on in the day? This way you will not get exhuasted if you are feeling below par from the 20 minute run. I often see runners with the dog. I saw one this morning and laughed out loud. Little dog running for all it was worth, and looking back over shoulder to see where the owner was behind, lol, so funny.

Keep on Running :-)

Colette x


Thanks. I tried taking the dog with me in run 1 but it didn't work. Yesterday I ran, stretched and then took her for a walk. She'll just have to get used to a 10 min delay before going out.


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