Park Run

Park Run

I have committed to do my first Park Run, tomorrow. I've had the barcodes printed out since Christmas, so it's about time.

I'm not too nervous*, I know I can do 5k, and I know the time doesn't matter (all that much 😜) but...

I really wish it wasn't 21/2 circuits of a park. Running laps is BORING... On the plus side, I can maybe run on the grass for some of it? The other local run takes place on the prom, so really wouldn't suit me.

And, from what I've read, my local event regularly has a really big turn out, so I've decided not to run with my spaniel as I think it will be outside her comfort level. Instead I'll walk her first then take her to a local fun agility thing after.

*I realised as I wrote this that the nervousness I do have is because I'll be running alone in a crowd of strangers.


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  • Is it Hove by any chance? Good bunch of people don't worry. I am running that or Preston park tomorrow.

  • Yes, it's Hove πŸ™‚ Was it the prom alternative that gave it away? Preston Park is just that little too far away for me.

    Good luck for your run!

  • The prom will give you a faster time. Good luck

  • Really? I'll bear that in mind - though I'm not actually a fan of running on road/pavement.

  • Go for it and enjoy yourself.

  • I'm sure I shall πŸ™‚

  • best of luck in your first park run im sure yo will be fine , lots of people run solo and i doubt you will be the only one feeling a little out of comfort zone , just think of the high afterwards , you may even make a couple of new friends ! xx

  • I might. It's just that that is so much easier when I have a dog with me πŸ™‚

  • Lots of people run with dogs at Hove park

  • If you talk to them as you go along you won't be strangers ....Say hello to the other new runners at the new runners won't be bored ! Good luck and I hope you enjoy it.

  • Good point, I did talk to total strangers when I did a Mo Run last year. At least if I'm running I can't talk too much (which I am prone to do when I am nervous).

  • I just did my 100th this morning. - started C25k just over 3 years ago at age 67. :) I don't try for PB's or even try to run my fastest now at parkrun - I treat it more of a social day and often run with the slower runners at the back ( not that I am in any way fast myself, but just faster than some others) :)

    Let us know how you got on please :)

  • Another t shirt then Bazza! Your In the 100 club now! Well done!

    Photo of you in 100 shirt please!πŸ˜‰

  • Got to get the t-shirt first -- :) - that won't be until we get back home from our trip to UK.

  • Yes, of course, where are you going to be in the UK Bazza? Any runs here in mind?😊

  • We are driving all around the UK - have 5 parkruns in mind - just places local to where we are staying on Friday nights :) - Fountains Abbey, Strathclyde, Shrewsbury, Salisbury and Cambridge - but I am well aware of your weather !! :)

  • Yes, weather more changeable than where you are in OZ. It's supposed to be warming up here going into next weekend, supposedly up into the 20s.. wow! don't know where we are sometimes!with chopping & changing of clothes!😁

  • Yes - I have noticed that during past visits - not so much bad weather - in fact we have always visited in May and have never really had any bad weather - but, as you say, very changeable and you basically don't really know what you are going to get tomorrow or the day after !! :)

  • I've often thought of doing the Strathclyde parkrun so would come and run it with you if you let me know when, Bazza1234

  • Hi Anne - I am reluctant to arrange things like this with people - because we are travelling basically every day ( some places we stay at for two nights) and will be doing these parkruns on the move - leaving the site almost immediately after running and moving onto the next nights accommodation place. . I have made a lot of friends on this forum over the years and really would like to meet many but I don't think I will be able to.

  • Just let us know where you'll be a few days beforehand and some forum members may turn up where you nearest one you would be at is Cambridge, but it's still 80 miles from me, but Curlygirly & Madge may show up, I think it's thier local PR

  • I saw several people in their 100 t-shirts today and a few in '50' ones. But the ones that kept me going were the the ones that said something like 'A hero is one who knows how to hang on one minute longer' on the back.

  • You will have a great time! Let us know how it goesπŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ˜€

  • Don't worry about it, it'll be great down by the sea! Enjoy!

  • Gorgeous day here in sunny Sussex, and it wasn't too warm at 9am.

  • Not a bad time there either, well done! I keep thinking I'd like to come down and do a few Parkruns on the coast, of course when the sun's shining!😊

  • We!k done for getting there.

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