Who does walk/run please? You probably know that I've been injured, and also that I have a 10K coming up in a couple of weeks. I've been redoing some of the earlier weeks with Laura as a way of easing back into running, and I find I'm no slower doing the run/walk intervals, and I feel rightly or wrongly that I might be less prone to injury.

My question is - What intervals "should" I be doing? Any suggestions?


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  • Jeff Galloway is generally held as the 'guru' of run/walk, Sarah.


  • Thanks Dunder, I've had a good look, nowhere does he tell you what intervals to do! You have to pay for a training programme, and I'm too tight!

    I was hoping someone would say something like run 2 mins walk 1, or whatever, just to give me a starting point.

  • Our very own HenPen does Run/Walk, following Galloway, Sarah and her intervals are 60/30 (seconds not minutes ;) )

  • Thank you, that gives me a starting point. xx

  • I think Jeff talks about a "magic mile" that is used to work out the best run/walk ratio's so it may be worth taking another look at his website.

    I do run/walk... sometimes because I have to!! but other times for longer runs I may use a run 1k, walk 1min ratio that seems to work for me. I've also tried a run 2k and walk 1 min. Cant say I've tried the shorter time intervals like 3min/1min as I like to try and keep going as much as possible.

    Baz is also know for his run/walks... so hopefully he may chip in with some good advice for you.

  • That's quite a different approach Andy, I'll bear it in mind. xx

  • I did my own method! I walked for 100 double steps, ran for a 100! I counted it on my fingers (each 10 was a finger until I ran out of fingers which was 100)! Very simple and it worked. As I improved, I might thrown in 150 run, 100 walk. Always with the aim of a 5k distance

  • RFC does run/walk but not sure if she has now logged off. She did post earlier. The walking elements will be less impact so may well help avoid some injuries. After the IC I did walk/ power walk intervals, great regarding less impact and quite speedy. But I think you need to build the power walks same as we do our running with C25k.

  • What intervals did you


  • I started with C25k wk 2 , then week 3 and week 4. Then I moved to constant power walking but started with 2k then !ncreased the distance.

    I found power walking is really hard work but maintains your fitness and stamina . Make sure you stretch well afterwards.

  • Thanks, that's pretty much where I am, did WK2 today.

  • Hi Curly,

    Have a look at this, gives you a guide depending on the pace you are or are trying to achieve...



  • Thank you, I'll bookmark that xx

  • I did a marathon using run/walk. 400 m run, 100 m walk. That translated roughly to 2.5:1 timewise. I saw no reduction in average pace compared to the training runs before I switched to run/walk.

  • I thought I remembered that you did it on distance rather than time, I'll see which works for me xx

  • The few times I have run/walked, I ran 1km, walked 500m or ran 500m, walked 100m. As Tomas said, it made no difference to my normal times on those routes, which I found surprising. I expected to be slower run/walking. Having said that, I always expect to be faster when I do an interval run, and I never am :(

  • I did Brighton with a friend that does Galloway. He did a 30 second walk to one minute run and he finished it with me in 5 hours 23. He had an app on his phone that beeped so he knew when to run or walk. Its excellent for keeping the injury monster at bay. I hope that helps :)

  • Thank you Ju-Ju, a pattern seems to be emerging of 2-1 run/walk, I guess I just need to find my own sweet spot x

  • I know there are 'ideal' intervals to run-walk at, but for me it's all in how it feels. I tend to like running 3-4 minutes then having a minute walk when I'm doing planned run-walks. Sometimes longer than that is okay, other times I've tightened it up. Just give it a try. Too few minutes and you might feel inpatient. Too long and you might be feeling like you're overdoing it.

  • Yes, I have been doing Galloway intervals since before Christmas as I was getting fed up of being injured and achy. I first tried last year with long intervals, 1k run 1min walk as I kind of felt like I was 'failing' by taking the walk breaks. However reading the reasoning behind it all it seems that any longer than 30 second walk breaks are not beneficial and I have settled on 60:30. I has improved my injury parkrun times from 38 mins ish to under 35 mins and I'm still getting a bit faster. Run/walk also helps to keep my heart rate down. I have a gymboss app on my phone which beeps the intervals for me and a physical gymboss for races where headphones aren't allowed. I ran a strict 60:30 at the Winchester 10k last week and got a time of 1:10:17 which is my second fastest ever 10k. It's definitely improved my recovery times and I finished that 10k feeling very fresh (maybe need to put in a bit more effort !!) From my experience I'd say give it a go, weirdly it doesn't seem to slow me down hardly at all but is a much more comfortable way to run.

  • Does the app vibrate as well as beep? I tried setting my Garmin but I can't hear the beeps...I'd be well chuffed with those times!

  • Yes you can have either beeps, vibrate, visual cue or combination of all 3 !!

  • Thank you I'll look into it, but I fear my phone is too ancient... it is for most apps!

  • I did the last 3k of my HM using run/ walk .

    I ran for 2 mins then walked for 1 min . You can use the Run Options feature on your Garmin to set the bleeps :-) xxx

  • That's what I'm going to start with 2 mins/1 min.

  • I am doing a HM in early April. Past HM's I have used 1min/30secs and it was quite good. Lately I have been experimenting with longer intervals 1klm/1min. I did an 18k training run last week using his longer interval - so tomorrow I am doing a 20K training run using 75secs/30secs for a comparison. I was quite tired after the 18K at 1k/1min. A lot depends on how you feel - some people prefer to do longer running sectors with longer walk breaks - while others prefer to use shorter walk breaks. Galloway himself recommends no more than 30 seconds of walking because he claims that people slow down their walking pace over longer times. In your case, if you are injured, I would play around with some different intervals between now and your 10K and try to see which one causes you the least discomfort - forget about pace!!!

  • Interesting stuff, thanks Bazza. Madge sent me a sort of calculator, based on my mile time apparently I should be doing 2 mins/1 min, so I'll start with that.

  • A colleague recommended run walk to me - found out that its not at all what most people do - but it worked for him and has been working for me - I do 6 mins run, 1 min walk.

    Works for me -I'm faster that way than if I try to keep running, that said I just couldn't keep running for 10k and used to feel I'd 'failed' if I walked. This way I don't feel that because I set out with that as a plan. You recover more quickly as you don't wait til you absolutely cant go on before you take your walk break.

    Best of luck, hope you find the right mix for you.

  • I know what you mean, I too feel like a failure if I walk, I blame Laura for brainwashing us, I'm trying to get that out of my head! I usually stop for a few seconds or so when I need a break, as long as I don't walk I'm running all the way! Silly really, I'm going to give run/walk a go today.

  • Tia all mind games!

    Let us know how you get on

  • I had a go, and I'm no slower using it, I hope I might get a bit faster if I persevere, and my foot feels ok now, so it's all good! I'm going to go to parkrun on Saturday.

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