Hi all.

I've lost 25lb since June and the weight loss is starting g to slow. I've got another 3 stone to go so I thought it was about time to do exercise!!!

I downloaded couch to 5k and did my first session this morning. I couldn't physically do the last 2 walk and run sessions as my legs was shaking. I can't see how I'm ever gonna run the 6 walk/runs let alone 5k 😬

Rest day tomorrow then try again Tuesday. Hope you all had a lovely run πŸƒ


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  • Stick with it. You'll be surprised. I was 106kg at the start of May. Now 88kg

    I started C25K at the end of june thinking I'd give it a go. Now on week 7 and running for 25 mins. I'd have never thought it possible. Just follow the app and Keep going! Good luck

  • Thank you. That's some serious weigh loss from running well done. I'm going to re do run 1 until I can do it without cutting reps put. Thank you x

  • It's brilliant that you have started - well done. If you read through many of the posts here, you will soon pick up the notion that slow is beautiful - run as slowly as you dare and you will manage to complete each run and, eventually, the programme. It works when you do that but it can be hard learning to run that slowly. Once you get it, everything falls into place.

    You may find that running will make it look as though you are not losing weight as heavier muscle replaces lighter fat - check the fit of your clothing instead - you'll probably find that you are losing inches. Above all, what you have will be more inclined to be in the right place, if you see what I mean.

    Wishing you well as you begin this remarkable programme. The changes are not only physical - your mental well-being is about to take a leap. Enjoy!

  • Thank you so much. Really informative and really helpful actually. I'm going to do run 1 again and again until I can do it with out cutting the last 2 reps out. Thanks so much x

  • My bet is that you will do it on Tuesday and be ready to move on to run 2. You are going to be amazing yourself so often on this plan.

  • I'll let you know on Tuesday. Thanks for the motivation πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Hi there and welcome!

    Firstly... slow as you like.. that is the key....and steady too... :)

    This is not a specifically designed weight loss programme, but...in conjunction with a healthy eating regime and some non-impact exercise on rest days it may help you lose weight, but will almost certainly make you leaner and tighter and feeling a lot fitter:)

    Great eh???

    The Weight Loss forum is worth a peek too...many of the family on here, have used that too and reckon it works well:)

    Just go as slow as you like.. try to relax and just breathe and run and walk... warm up well and take your cool down walk gently too...

    Each run will make you stronger...post your successes and any set-backs, ( if you have any :))...we are all in this together... we run together and we support each other:)

  • Well done, you've smashed 25lb and you will smash this too. You will be amazed at what you can do with the encouragement you will get from the amazing people on this forum! πŸ’πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

  • Patience is key with weight loss.

  • Just keep plugging away. I'm the sort of person that also gets quite shaky (and lightheaded) when I'm out of shape. It'll get better, trust me. Just slow right down, and if you don't quite complete that particular run, it's okay. Just enjoy a nice walk for the rest of it and try again next time. You can repeat the sessions as many times as you like.

  • Stick with it, repeat weeks if you have to, you can do it.

    The hardest part is behind you, starting is the hardest part.

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