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W7R3 and a note to myself


Do NOT try to run on empty! I finished the run but my God it was tough going this morning.

Normally run in the evening and have eaten something throughout the day before hand, but today I went out early after a cup of coffee and a glass of water, half way point was a fleeting moment when I thought 'i can't do this, I can't' then a second later thought ' yes you blooming well can, stop being a Jessey and get on with it, just how bad will you feel if you quit?' So carried on until the end albeit much slower that I normally would, I didn't enjoy the run, I was happy to finish, but, I'm fairly certain running on empty just doesn't work for me.

Onwards and upwards and bring it on week 8!

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Me neither. If I run first thing I always make sure I've had something, even if it is only a cracker! If I have time I eat a banana half an hour beforehand.

giddyauntsGraduate in reply to tortoisegirl

I shall try that going forward, banana it is, good job I love bananas! :-)


I like to run on empty! I then have a food reward for exercising when I get home LOL!

giddyauntsGraduate in reply to JoolieB1

Weirdly I am never hungry after a run, or any excersise come to that, I usually get hungry an hour or so after running/exercising but never right away, I do always need fluids though. :-)


I completely agree with you - I am usually an evening runner too and once ran early morning and felt awful! Everyone is different and sometimes trying different things is the way we learn about our bodies and what we need to run. Well done for pushing through and now you know that you need some fuel in order to do as well as you're capable of. :)


I've never eaten beforehand as usually run at the crack of dawn but I have a milkshake about half hour before I go out and seem to be ok..

JoolezGraduate in reply to KS69

This is me too - I like torunbevore I do anything else in the morning and then I know it's out of the way

JoolezGraduate in reply to Joolez

Lol ... to run before ...

KS69Graduate in reply to Joolez

I find it sets me up for the day too feeling good :-) Plus nothing else can get in the way


I don't eat much before running in the morning, maybe just a couple of plain biscuit's and banana at least an hour before..



Just shows we are all very different, I was quite hungry anyway this morning as only had a light meal last night, in future if I run in the morning will have a banana or maybe a small bowl of porridge or a slice of toast maybe. Lesson learned and as my wonderful grandmother used to say ' it wouldn't do for us all to be the same' :-)


A cup of tea and two digestive lights before I head out after about half an hour.. early morning runner.. :) Maybe it was just the change of time that got to you initially!

You did it anyway! Well done you.. as you say onward an upwards!

giddyauntsGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks Oldfloss

Most likely just that I'd already been up for a good few hours sorting out Mrs B (my avatar) and was hungry from the night before, but lesson learned. :-) from now on morning runs shall only be undertaken after a bite to eat. :-)

I started off (last summer) always running in the morning without any food - I found when I tried running later in the day that the running itself was much easier, but I felt horribly sick very quickly. I have to time things really carefully so that it's long enough after eating not to feel unwell as a result.

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