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the pavements tonight are going to get a pounding!!

blunty, ive had a particularly crap day at work.

hassle, hassle and more bloody hassle and nothing to bloody show for it except a headache, stress rash all over my chest and face and two chocolate bars consumed!! (not had a choccie bar in 3 weeks so im gutted ive had two as Im really trying to cut down).

so, despite being of two minds whether or not to go out tonight because Ive got one of my lovely nephews over to stay and we're having pizza....... after work im bloody well getting me trainers on, plugging Laura in and tackling run 2 of week 5!! Grrrrr!

unless I end up in the pub afterwards, I'll let you know how I get on

ali :-)

ps - i will be wearing clothes when I go out, not just trainers. unless i decide to get myself locked up. hmmmm.... that will give me a break from work ........ ;-)

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Use the anger, I will be suprised if you don't have a good run. When I had a shite day at work running put me right again. It is harder to get out but once you are there it is pure therapy!

Let us know how it goes.


Imagine every step, you are stomping on someones for me!! ;-) Gayle


Go Girl Go!!


I hate to state the obvious, but if you've only had 2 chocolate bars in 3 weeks, you HAVE cut down (unless you were eating so few of them before that you didn't really need to cut down)! ;-)


:-) :-) The caffeine in the chocolate should help her out running. Don't you think so Sian?? ;-) Gayle


Hope it goes well and you feel thoroughly destressed :)


You go girl and you bloody well stomp your crappy day out of your system!! Works well for me! :D As do the choc bars - I have over-indulged recently too due to stress but who cares, I'm sure the running burns it off doesn't it??!! ;)


Sue x

Reply it AuntieAli - don't hold back, let those feelings out and say what you really think!!

Nothing wrong with chocolate or ending up in the pub either - sounds pretty good to me actually!

Will be checking the news regularly in case there are reports of a naked runner, covered in a rash and muttering wildly about 'stress' and 'crappy job' and cursing someone called 'Laura' and her choice of music...


how did you get on? X


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